Moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon;

How much it can fill your room depends on its windows.”


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They say that the eyes are the windows to our souls, that by looking at or through someone’s eyes we can discover their inner essence.  Explore the inner depths of your true self through the visual metaphor of the window.  When we look through windows, they frame our perspective. We look into windows to glimpse inside.

What if the windows we look through were an entrance into the unknown or unclaimed parts of ourselves? What if through the window we could rediscover our inner beauty?  

Come journey into the windows of your soul to uncover and express your truth in this art journaling workshop. We will use guided meditation, intuitive prompts and mixed media to discover what lies beyond the window frame and behind closed curtains.

A little about me (your workshop facilitator):  As an artist, truth seeker and meditation weaver, my approach to art making is very organic, allowing the materials and colors to call to  me and the subject to unfold at will.  I believe deeply that we all have the tools within us to live a happy and fulfilled life no matter what our past experiences or present challenges, and harnesses the power of creativity to guide others toward their inner wisdom.

I am a registered art therapist with the Canadian Art Therapy Association and for over 20 years I have  guided others to express, release and connect through art making.

This workshop contains 4 videos to guide you, including a guided meditation, warm-up exercise, exploring inner windows and delving deeper into the visual metaphor.

  • VIDEO 1 Introduction and Guided Meditation: In this part of the workshop I will introduce you to using the metaphor of window for self-exploration.  There is a guided visualization to help you through the process.
  • VIDEO 2  Windows to Your Soul Part One: In Part One we will be using a simple warm up exercise to help get you started and create a warm-up journal spread.
Detail from Part 1 Windows To Your Soul

Detail from Part 1 Windows To Your Soul


  • VIDEO 3   Windows to Your Soul Part Two: In Part Two you will be using your art journal to visually explore the windows to your soul through this next exercise. 
Detail from part 2, Windows to Your Soul

Detail from part 2, Windows to Your Soul


  • VIDEO 4 Windows to Your Soul Part Three: In this part of the workshop you will be delving deeper into the imagery and its meaning for you through a special art exercise.
Picture 5Windows to Your Soul

Detail from Windows to Your Soul part 3


To me all art making gives us glimpses into our soul. Through the process of art making the way we approach the world is revealed, the way we hesitate, hold back, let loose, or shine through our art making can remind us of our strengths and of areas that may need our focus. I hope that you will join me on this journey into the soul through art making!  To register and to learn more about the other workshops included with mine in Spectrum 2016 visit the Spectrum Holistic Journaling page.