Drawing the Self Out Art Journaling Workshop

(4 Saturday morning sessions from 10am-12pm EST Limited online spots available.

Art Journal and supplies not included. Fees are in Canadian dollars

Online: Join us live via video streaming or watch the recorded video later. You will recieve a supply list upon registration.

When you join us live, you can ask your questions real-time.  You will be joining in with the actual in-person workshop held here in Toronto via video feed.  You will need high-speed internet connection in order to join.

Led by Petrea Hansen-Adamidis Registered Art Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist with over 22 years of experience in the field of Art Therapy. No painting experience needed! Materials list provided.  Please note these workshops are intended for self-discovery and are not art therapy or meant to replace therapy.  If you are interested in exploring on a deeper level through art therapy, contact Skype sessions available.

Being Creative

Visual Journal Journey can help you sustain your creative practice or jump-start your creative reflective practice if you have let your creative practice fall by the wayside.  Each  Visual Journal Journey workshop offers new ways of approaching your art journaling.  As an art therapist with over 20 years of experience helping others through art making, I have crafted art directives to help you get started and move beyond the blank journal page.  I also understand how important it is to spend some time reflecting on our art journaling so I offer reflective questions during the workshop to help you delve deeper into personal meaning in the privacy of your art journal.

You will be introduced to art journaling directives derived from positive psychology in order to support your creative self-care.

Some of the benefits of a Positive Psychology approach are:

  • The pursuit of meaning and engagement enhance one’s life satisfaction.

  • Positive thinking prepares one better for coping with stressful situations you may be faced with.

  • Positive thinking and optimistic outlooks have been shown to Improve your immunity by decreasing stress responses.

  • Positive thinking prepares one better for coping with stressful situations you may be faced with.

  • Positive thinking can impact  your overall well-being by increasing your emotional resilience.

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Come discover what visual journaling is all about. Find out how art journaling AKA visual journaling can help you release stress, connect you more with your creativity and help you experience a more authentic way of living. Learn different ways of art journaling that will help you express and release creatively on a daily basis.  Discover the benefits of visual journaling.

Each week you will be guided through new ways to explore your creative self and connect with your inner wisdom through creative prompts and visual arts exploration using mixed media. We will explore alternative ways to do daily check-ins with your self to de-stress and help you build a healthy self-care practice through art journaling. You will be given home play suggestions to continue the exploration between sessions.

Discover and tap into your creative source deep within through art journaling.

By visualizing our inner world outwardly, we become clearer about who we are and where it is we need to go.  When we tap into our creative power through art journaling we are in essence tuning into our inner wisdom and internal guidance system. 

I love art journaling.  It is my favorite go to when I need to unwind, de-stress, and release after a packed day.  You know those days when it feels like your head is going to explode and you just need to turn off your brain? Those days always are better when I pull out my art journal and either release onto paper the day’s build up or process my feelings about the day through art making.  Do you know what I mean?  That’s where art journaling is so convenient.  All you need is your art journal and a few drawing materials to get started.  You can work on your kitchen table or even on the floor.  This is why every year I hold this Visual Journal Journey art journaling series here in Toronto.

I know that time is a factor which can interfere with having a creative practice. It can be easy to lose site of the importance of self-care  with all of the other things  going on in our lives, that’s why I decided to create Visual Journal Journey for those who would like to develop and maintain a sustainable creative self-care practice.  The great part is that once the 4 part workshop is over, all participants are invited to come back as alumni for special Drop-in sessions, exclusive to past registrants of Visual Journal Journey and at a reduced rate.

All skill levels are welcome. No experience is necessary. Please note this is a women only groupFor online workshop, supplies are not included with the workshop. You will be sent a supply list.

(4 Saturday morning sessions from 10am-12pm women only)

e-mail if you have any questions about this workshop series.

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