Creativity Thaw

Winter brings a coldness that is meant to allow things to prepare for the spring, for new beginnings.  It is the cycle of life. It is also the cycle of creativity: the deep sleep that creativity sometimes falls into, often when we least want it to, is an essential part of the process.  We need […]

Part of the Process

One thing that I always come back to when stuck is the notion that there really is no stuck.  This “stuck” or “creative block” is in a sense a figment of our imagination.  We feel stuck, think stuck, but is it really stuck? Feeling stuck is so common for creatives, and frustrating too.  It is easy […]

Showing Up

    Recently when I put the question out there “what gets in your way of creating?” One of the responses  was “life”.  This isn’t the first time I have heard of life getting in the way.  To feel so overwhelmed by all that is going on in life that to take the time to […]

Finding Your Creative Mojo: Voices from the Past

    Are voices from the past holding you back from exploring your creativity to its fullest?  This week we take a look at messages that obstruct one’s creativity. This is the third video in the Finding Your Creative Mojo Video Series where you will find out: How to Identify what gets in your way […]

What’s Your Story?

  How many times have you found yourself stuck in the same story line? Telling yourself I can’t, I don’t’ know how, I won’t? We can easily get sucked into believing these “stories” we tell ourselves and find ourselves creating less and less. Eventually putting our creative endeavors off indefinitely.  The more we do this […]

StArt Here

   Sometimes we can get stuck in trying to figure out elaborate ways of getting started with our art making. We might set the stage by setting up the space, burn candles or aromatherapy de-cluttering to prepare our “space”, buy just the right supplies so that we might be ready to create, and have the […]

Circle of Art

Today and every Friday, I invite you to join me in creating a response to the quotes I post, using the arts: visual arts, photography, music or song, dance (video please!) prose or poetry, it’s your choice.   “Failure is a greater teacher than success” ~Clarissa Pinkola Estés Why so afraid to fail? judgement from […]

Getting to your Creativity

  Believe it or not, I have often grappled with my own creative demons more than I care to admit.  I realize that it may be easy for you, dear reader to assume that because I write about finding and nurturing one’s creative side that I have myself surpassed or completely tamed these struggles.  But […]

3 Things to Know About Creative Blocks

    Here we are, almost 2 weeks into the New Year and some of you may be finding yourself feeling stuck.  Perhaps you have put pressure on yourself to make changes for the new year RIGHT NOW.  Perhaps you are feeling excited and apprehensive at the same time, wanting old habits to subside quickly. […]

Week-End Reflection

Join Week-End Reflection every Friday, where I invite you to express and reflect about your week using poetry, prose, imagery or art in response to “This week I discovered . . .” I encourage you to come back and visit the other posts linked here to help amplify the gratitude. Taking the time to reflect […]