Digging in the Sandbox of Zen

    When you were a child did you like to play? Was it your end all and be all? Play was the goal, your life, your center You felt grounded when you played You felt connected Connection with your imagination Your creativity   And then one day you were told the lie Play is […]

Breathe in Creativity

Breathe in creative juicy thoughts . . . breathe out inner critic clutter. This has become my new mantra of late.  I have to remind myself to take the time to  breathe you know? To set aside time to paint and create and follow my dreams with the curiosity of a child, despite the rush rush rhythm […]

Finding Your Creative Mojo: Beliefs that Bind

  Do your beliefs about what art is or who is creative interfere with your ability to get into your creative groove? Today on the Finding Your Creative Mojo Video Series I explore some beleifs that can interfere with creative expression.    How can you re-write your old beliefs to serve your creativity better?  Join […]

Nurturing Our Creativity

“The creative function is the centre of the soul and the psyche it can never be destroyed” ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés I have been listening to Clarissa Pinkola Estés audio book The Creative fire lately and this quote struck me so deeply I wanted to share it.   It is at the centre of my philosophy: […]

You are allowed to be you

Today I’m delighted to be the host for Day Six of the Virtual Blog Tour for Healing the Inner Child organized by Jackie Stewart at This tour is to celebrate the launch of the Inner Child Meditation Kit  which Jackie has created so you can let go of childhood wounds to experience more joy, empowerment […]

Helping Out a Friend

  So you have a friend and she is struggling with what to do she is feeling rather blah about her life there are things she wants to do but can’t seem to get started. She feels she will fail so why bother trying. She is in a place of stuck. What would you do […]

Getting to your Creativity

  Believe it or not, I have often grappled with my own creative demons more than I care to admit.  I realize that it may be easy for you, dear reader to assume that because I write about finding and nurturing one’s creative side that I have myself surpassed or completely tamed these struggles.  But […]

The Myth of Balance

One of the things that gets me in trouble with my creative Self is the concept of balance. Having a well-balanced life is sometimes misconstrued as all things even. But like I tell my kids, being fair doesn’t mean that everyone gets the same thing, being fair means everyone gets what they need at that […]

3 Myths About Creativty

    There are many myths floating around out there about creativity.  We hear them, take them in and then repeat to ourselves until these myths become our truths.  In today’s video I expose 3 myths that when we listen to them, are sure to block creativity.    What myths do you tell yourself that […]

When fear takes up too much space

  One of my biggest blocks to my creativity being unleashed has been the excuse of not enough time. I use to say to myself that I didn’t have any time to do art for myself, I was too busy. Whether it was the kids, feeling tired after work, feeling like I had so many […]