Holding Space

Last week we talked about the importance of permission for beginning the creative process.  We may want to have a regular creative practice, however, waiting for everything to be perfect and “aligned” is not realistic.  Let’s face it there will always be room for excuses not to start as long as we do not give […]

Embracing Your Path

        I have been enjoying my time off this month.  Catching up with things I have been meaning to do or organize. Spending more time playing and doing art, journaling and meditation.  Even hosting an online workshop.   This time of year tends to be a time of reflection and finding intention.  […]

Nurturing Creativity

    As the year-end draws near it sometimes triggers a sense of panic in some of us as we rush against time to get things done for a fresh start in the new year.  There is something about time limits that sets us into action, or perhaps it is panic that gets things moving […]

Find Yourself

  This time of year can be so busy with all the focus on holiday celebrations.  There is a tendency to focus on everyone other than one’s self. We focus on others; giving, making others happy, hosting parties, entertaining others. We get lost, We lose our Self. Lost in the flux of over scheduling. Lost […]

Digging in the Sandbox of Zen

    When you were a child did you like to play? Was it your end all and be all? Play was the goal, your life, your center You felt grounded when you played You felt connected Connection with your imagination Your creativity   And then one day you were told the lie Play is […]

Art Feeds The Soul

  Recently I finished teaching a group of art therapy students at an training institute here in Toronto.  In the last class we were focused on self-care and brainstorming about things we could do on a daily basis to stay grounded.  We talked about meditation, treating ourselves to fun stuff, down time, yoga, and of […]

You are allowed to be you

Today I’m delighted to be the host for Day Six of the Virtual Blog Tour for Healing the Inner Child organized by Jackie Stewart at This tour is to celebrate the launch of the Inner Child Meditation Kit  which Jackie has created so you can let go of childhood wounds to experience more joy, empowerment […]

Helping Out a Friend

  So you have a friend and she is struggling with what to do she is feeling rather blah about her life there are things she wants to do but can’t seem to get started. She feels she will fail so why bother trying. She is in a place of stuck. What would you do […]

Week-End Reflection

Join Week-End Reflection every Friday, where I invite you to express and reflect about your week using poetry, prose, imagery or art in response to “This week I discovered . . .” I encourage you to come back and visit the other posts linked here to help amplify the gratitude. Taking the time to reflect […]

Making room for the New Year

This past weekend had me purging lots of stuff from the house as we get ready for the winter season almost upon us. Giving away outgrown toys to the neighbours and the local charity as well as other things we no longer have the need for. My clutter, someone else’s treasure. There is something about […]