Connecting Through Art

The thing about doodling that I like so much is the spontaneity. That is the secret. I never know what I am going to get and were the doodle is going to take me.  Sometimes I don’t like my doodle. But that’s ok.  I don’t see my doodling as a way of producing art, but […]

Doodling Paves the Way

  To me, doodles are a wonderful way to access your personal symbology and inner world because we don’t have to think about doodling. Last year in October 2014 I started a “Doodle a day” challenge on this blog.  I had so much positive feedback and enthusiasm from those joining the challenge that I have […]

Creative Deeds for Me and You

    I have been making  little art offerings to give away as random acts of kindness as part of Gretchen Miller’s  #CreativeDeed365.  Though January has proven to be too busy for me (I’m doing one extra day of clinical art therapy, plus teaching and extra class for the Toronto Art Therapy Institute) to make these daily, […]

Lessons In Letting Go

Flowing across the floor as I dance that is where my comfort lies. The sharp movements of staccato feel awkward forced. It’s as if something is off and it is. Staccato in 5 rhythms is a force to be reckoned with. A few weeks back I attended a 5 Rhythms movement workshop and have been […]

Harnessing Imagination

Day #21 DoodleADay Challenge:   It has been 21 days straight that I have been doodling and I am noticing the good  habit  being established of wanting and making timeto create something everyday.  Because they are so quick they are easy to squeeze into the day and I really don’t worry about how they look. […]

Self-Exploration via the Doodle

Day  20 #DoodleADay Challenge: Let’s talk about our doodles shall we? As I have mentioned before doodles can be fun, mindful, releasing, self-expressive, meditative, relaxing, and focusing.  Doodles can also be a passageway into self-exploration if you are willing to go that route.  After 20 days of doodling you will have enough doodles done to be able […]

Embracing the Unknown

  The unknown element of the doodle Where will it go? What will it become? What might it be reflecting to me? Is always intriguing to me. Do I always like my doodles? In short no.  But they are still interesting for me and they are always either fun or calming for me to do. […]

Self-Expression in the Raw

Day 15 #DoodleADay: The thing about doodling is that you never really know what you are going to get. Even if you tend to doodle in patterns or repeated designs, each time it turns out slightly different. Intriguing visual stories unfurl as the pen glides across the paper almost of its own accord.  Doodles are self-expression […]

Doodling For Self-Expression

Here’s My #DoodleADay for today:   We are moving into week 2 of the #DoodleADay challenge and already I can see my own doodles loosening-up and allowing more self-expression out.  I chose to begin this #DoodleADay challenge on the blog because I knew that chances are if I was having a hard time fitting creative […]

Expressive Doodling Day 10

Here’s My #DoodleADay for today:         <                 Why join this doodle a day challenge? You can read my post on 10 reasons to doodle here if you need some motivation. The #DoodleADay challenge:  (for more details see my first post Doodle a Day Challenge) Everyday for the month […]