Circle of Art

Today and every Friday, I invite you to join me in creating a response to the quotes I post, using the arts: visual arts, photography, music or song, dance (video please!) prose or poetry, it’s your choice.   “Failure is a greater teacher than success” ~Clarissa Pinkola Estés Why so afraid to fail? judgement from […]

Getting to your Creativity

  Believe it or not, I have often grappled with my own creative demons more than I care to admit.  I realize that it may be easy for you, dear reader to assume that because I write about finding and nurturing one’s creative side that I have myself surpassed or completely tamed these struggles.  But […]

Creative Saboteurs

  You know those negative messages we hear from others, the ones we have internalized from childhood into adulthood? Ever notice that they can suck our creative energy right out of us?   I have heard the gamut of negative messages, which have held people back from expressing their creative selves fully:  Stories of being […]

I Think (and) I Can

I have written before about my thoughts on creative blocks. Most of us have experienced them at one time or another and have found ourselves in a place of frustration. This frustration then feeds the block making it stronger. There are tools to use to get through a block. There is also waiting it out […]

The Creative Cycle

Sometimes we hit a wall: We feel tired, uninspired.   Sometimes we equate this to not being creative enough.  We tell our tired selves: “I’m not creative.” “I can’t do this.”   We think that being creative means 24/7 And when there is a lull we panic What if I have lost my creative mojo? What […]

When Shift Happens

Creating would be so much easier and more full of fun if we would only let it be. But creating is fun, isn’t it? Yes if we allow it to be. However most of us don’t practice the art of allowing our creativity to fully express. Most of us ponder should we do it this […]

Turtle’s Pace

I have been sitting here staring at the blank computer screen for some time now wondering what to post. Ironically it seems to be a symptom of reading so many inspiring posts out there, that I end up feeling at a loss of words. Feeling like it has all been said. Ever feel like that? […]

Unfinished Business

It’s been a pretty busy month, I can’t believe it is already February! As part of the Art Therapy Alliance 6 Degrees of Creativity, I have been having fun making sock monkeys and sending them overseas to live with new families, making my first set of ATC (artist trading cards).  I have been keeping up […]

Diamond in the Rough

  This week I found myself feeling behind on my List and forgetting about the important of process.  I was late putting up my blog post for , I didn’t finish putting up some new pages, well you get the picture. I won’t bore you with details (sounds like an inner voice I need to […]


Listening to the sounds around me I get pulled away from my Self But I want to hear what others are doing. how they are doing it How great they are! I do BUT at what cost? Am I hearing, watching, taking in and appreciating? Is it that simple? A voice inside tells me otherwise […]