Create Space for What is: Self-Compassion

I am beginning to realize that I cannot do it all. Writing weekly or every other week blog posts and sending weekly newsletters is not sustainable when I am working full time on top of a private practice consisting of workshops, supervision, consultation and psychotherapy. And though I have not been practicing that level of […]

Digging Deep Via Creativity

  Digging deep into the unknown crevices of your emotional life can sometimes be daunting, even uncomfortable. Its easier to pretend like it does not exist rather than to explore it through our creativity. Why is it that inner reflection so important?  The stuff we ignore can stifle us, and block us from moving forward. […]

The Inner Wilderness of Creativity

Canoe camping in the backcountry is always an adventure.  We had been away from it for a few years as our kids no longer fit with us in the canoe and it meant taking a second canoe and portaging it- with two kids who at that point were starting to say they were not interested. […]

Creative Microcosm

  The more I do this work, creating for my own self expression and guiding others to connect to Self through art making, the more I am reminded of it’s importance.  Perhaps a better word than work is PLAY.  Yes I know sometimes it does seem like work, to find the time to actually be able […]

Embracing Your Creative Self

    “The thing that is missing from your life is you”  Guy Finley   Sometimes we spend a lot of time looking for things. Things to make our lives better, things to make us feel better, look better, be better. We seek change to happen to us. We seek change or transformation as if […]

Holding Space

Last week we talked about the importance of permission for beginning the creative process.  We may want to have a regular creative practice, however, waiting for everything to be perfect and “aligned” is not realistic.  Let’s face it there will always be room for excuses not to start as long as we do not give […]

Finding Your Creative Mojo: Beyond Excuses

    This week on the Finding Your Creative Mojo series we look at what is behind those excuses that tend to come up just when you were planning on spending more time being creative.  You can watch the other videos in this series here: Finding Your Creative Mojo Part One: What’s Your Story? Part Two: Finding […]

What’s Your Story?

  How many times have you found yourself stuck in the same story line? Telling yourself I can’t, I don’t’ know how, I won’t? We can easily get sucked into believing these “stories” we tell ourselves and find ourselves creating less and less. Eventually putting our creative endeavors off indefinitely.  The more we do this […]

StArt Here

   Sometimes we can get stuck in trying to figure out elaborate ways of getting started with our art making. We might set the stage by setting up the space, burn candles or aromatherapy de-cluttering to prepare our “space”, buy just the right supplies so that we might be ready to create, and have the […]

Nurturing Our Creativity

“The creative function is the centre of the soul and the psyche it can never be destroyed” ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés I have been listening to Clarissa Pinkola Estés audio book The Creative fire lately and this quote struck me so deeply I wanted to share it.   It is at the centre of my philosophy: […]