Deep Painting

Last weekend I had the pleasure of facilitating another Painting With Your Muse intuitive painting workshop here in Toronto. Each time its a new experience for me as I shift the format with lessons learned in between these workshops.  I’m forever a student, taking in new information and layering it, weaving it into each workshop […]

Creative Mythology

This weekend I had the pleasure of running two arts based workshops where the focus was on self-exploration through creative process. In both the question came up- as often it does at these workshops: how are you able to keep your creative practice going?  I must admit one of the reasons I began doing these […]

Letting Go into Creative Flow

In February I ran my Painting with Your Muse intuitive painting workshop with another wonderful group of  muses.  It has been five years since I began running this workshop and for more than 20 years that I have been following an intuitive process myself when painting. There is a flow state that happens when one follows their intuition this […]

The Journey of Art

December is here and my Doodle Journey e-course has finished. As I worked through the course myself,  my inner critic tried to interfere with my doodle journey discouraging my loose and somewhat “messy” style.  It was a practice in letting go of judgement, though  even as I write this post and prepare to upload some of […]

Remember to Play

  Day 19 #DoodleADay Challenge: It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that in order to give something our time it has to be “important” and have greater meaning, in the eyes’ of others. The original intention of just connecting with one’s own creativity may become lost when we begin to compare what we do to what or how […]

Virtually Creative

  On Friday I held space for another Live Virtual Art Circle.  After taking a break from the live circles over the summer it was nice to share the energy with those creatives who joined me.  As usual I opened the circle with a favorite quote and an intention setting meditation.  This quote speaks to […]

I create therefore I am: The Importance of Creativity

      Creativity is at the core of our humanity. It allows us to express our inner most feelings no mater how scary, seemingly destructive or negative, in safe and satisfying ways. It allows us to celebrate our being both in beauty and so-called “mess”.   When we create, we connect with our inner […]

Art Feeds The Soul

  Recently I finished teaching a group of art therapy students at an training institute here in Toronto.  In the last class we were focused on self-care and brainstorming about things we could do on a daily basis to stay grounded.  We talked about meditation, treating ourselves to fun stuff, down time, yoga, and of […]

Pleasure in the Process

  What is art but an expression of self? Technique can be a part of art but does not have to be. Ask any child. Young children will create without worrying how it is going to turn out. They are process oriented, scribbling because it feels good. They will paint something one minute, then paint […]

Letting Go . . .

Last summer I made a video (for my OffbeatFamily site) addressing the idea of letting go on many different levels. Both children and adults have difficulty letting go of hurt feelings, possessions,  the need to be right, the need to know. You get the picture.  Letting go can be a tricky task. Sometimes it’s difficult to […]