Creative Microcosm

  The more I do this work, creating for my own self expression and guiding others to connect to Self through art making, the more I am reminded of it’s importance.  Perhaps a better word than work is PLAY.  Yes I know sometimes it does seem like work, to find the time to actually be able […]

Starting Fresh

This is my second time beginning to write this post.  My first draft I thought I had saved. I had taken a break, feeling stuck about what to say, and when I came back I could not find it- couldn’t even remember what I had called it! So I am starting fresh. Which seems fitting […]

Stoke Your Creative Fire

    Spring is here and I’m full force in creative mode.  Between planting seedlings, capturing my dreams day and night, dropping off creative deeds, and connecting with my muse, sometimes there just doesn’t seem like enough time to do all the things I want to do. But I know in my heart, I feel […]

Embracing Your Creative Self

    “The thing that is missing from your life is you”  Guy Finley   Sometimes we spend a lot of time looking for things. Things to make our lives better, things to make us feel better, look better, be better. We seek change to happen to us. We seek change or transformation as if […]

Looking Back to Look Forward

    The beginning of a new year often seems like a over-rated time to begin anew with setting intentions for the year ahead. But to me New Years is a symbolic of a new start, a reminder that at any time we can begin anew and make positive changes in our lives. We don’t need to wait […]

Leaving Judgement Behind

    #DoodleADay Challenge Day 26   I have to admit that not judging my own art work is a work in progress.  Today’s doodle (and here comes the judgment) I’m not particularly fond of.  I thought I would try something that someone in the Facebook Virtual Art Circle group did: doodling with one continuous […]

There are no mistakes; Day 12

Here’s My #DoodleADay for today:  A scribble pulls on your imagination to birth it into a new creation.   I have been doodling a lot in transit lately.  Passing the time in a meditative focus on doodling.  Of course it’s hard to keep a steady hand when the movement of traveling interferes.  Instead I have […]

Create a Happy World

    One of the reasons some people find it difficult to take time for their art is that they don’t have a good enough reason to do it. Afterall, if you are not doing it for work or for a living what’s the purpose? It’s easy to get caught up in this story of […]

Teacher as Student

    It was a day of letting go of expectations, sitting with the chaos of the unknown and reflecting.     Each time I run this workshop I learn something new. The wonderfully brave souls who join me don’t necessarily know it but in opening up and connecting with their creative fire they are […]

Creative Self-Care

  Has fortune dealt you some bad cards? Then let wisdom make you a good gamester. Francis Quarles Recently at my work, a group of us came together to make coping cards. It was an exercise in exploring imagery that supports healthy ways of coping which my art therapy student, Tiffany Merrit had shared with […]