Week-End Reflection

Join Week-End Reflection every Friday, where I invite you to express and reflect about your week using poetry, prose, imagery or art in response to “This week I discovered . . .”  Taking the time to reflect on your week, acknowledging your Self and giving gratitude for what you have encountered, to set a positive tone […]

Nature’s stirrings

Spring is around the corner and with its arrival comes so many opportunities for new beginnings. Just yesterday I spotted crocuses starting to peek their green leaves through the earth. I love watching all those tiny buds begin to pop up on trees. Spring is such a magical time of renewal and beauty. It’s a […]

Finding My Muse

  I’m taking in the beauty of others and finding the beauty within Words resonate Bathing me with their wisdom Sparking recognition in what I can offer Sparking, igniting, that creative flame inside   I use to write in my journal,  my diary.  I would go into coffee shops and bury myself in books as I […]

Poetic Distraction

There is something about walking through nature that pulls one to stay present. I’ve been cultivating this habit for many years now and I flip-flop between feeling proud and feeling embarrassed. I say embarrassed because sometimes I get a sense that my tendency to be easily distracted by nature read “oh look at that beautiful […]