Creative Momentum

  I’m feeling really inspired after our mountain bike trip to Mount Saint Anne, near Quebec City, where the UCI Mountain-bike World-Cup races were held.  Even though the rest of my family are much stronger cross-country mountain bikers, and are into downhill mountain bike riding (unlike myself who will take a climb over a downhill anytime) I really appreciated taking my […]

There are no mistakes; Day 12

Here’s My #DoodleADay for today:  A scribble pulls on your imagination to birth it into a new creation.   I have been doodling a lot in transit lately.  Passing the time in a meditative focus on doodling.  Of course it’s hard to keep a steady hand when the movement of traveling interferes.  Instead I have […]

I Am Here

As the official first day of winter approaches and New Years lurks around the corner, I find myself gathering more and more resources together, laying out ideas and plans for self-development. It’s as of I’m nesting, the same way I did before my first son was born; creating and gathering things together to welcome his […]

Is the Universe trying to tell you something?

  We all have what it takes to make us happy right inside of us. For some this is easy to access, while for others it may be more difficult.  Like anything, it may take practice.   Doing things over and over again until they are habit or what I prefer to call “strengthening your […]