Art Retreat

What happens when you bring three art therapist friends together at the cottage on a warm and beautiful weekend? Contemplative outdoor art of course!  A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to be at a cottage with my 2 dear friends and colleagues who are also art therapists.  We had thankfully planned this getaway […]

Mindful Clay

This past week I went to a mindful clay workshop called Reclaiming Your Centre: Breath, Movement, Presence  at the Gardiner Museum’s Community Clay Studio in Toronto, which I pre-registered for in November 2017!  This workshop was highly anticipated by me as it was facilitated by a dear colleague and bright  beacon in the Toronto art therapy community, […]

Self-Care Through Elemental Art

This week is children’s mental health week here in Canada. With many events promoting awareness about children’s mental health and the importance of supporting services.  As an art therapists who primarily works with children and youth I see the need for more understanding and compassion towards children who often become labeled as “difficult” due to […]

Creative Deeds for Me and You

    I have been making  little art offerings to give away as random acts of kindness as part of Gretchen Miller’s  #CreativeDeed365.  Though January has proven to be too busy for me (I’m doing one extra day of clinical art therapy, plus teaching and extra class for the Toronto Art Therapy Institute) to make these daily, […]

Embracing Your Creative Self

    “The thing that is missing from your life is you”  Guy Finley   Sometimes we spend a lot of time looking for things. Things to make our lives better, things to make us feel better, look better, be better. We seek change to happen to us. We seek change or transformation as if […]

Lessons In Letting Go

Flowing across the floor as I dance that is where my comfort lies. The sharp movements of staccato feel awkward forced. It’s as if something is off and it is. Staccato in 5 rhythms is a force to be reckoned with. A few weeks back I attended a 5 Rhythms movement workshop and have been […]

There are No Rules for Creativity

Day #22 DoodleADay Challenge:     Some of my doodle’s look like templates for a colouring book.  I think I may go back and colour some of them in for relaxation.  Paint, markers, crayons, it doesn’t matter really.  And there are no rules about staying in the lines. This is an added bonus of the […]

There are no mistakes; Day 12

Here’s My #DoodleADay for today:  A scribble pulls on your imagination to birth it into a new creation.   I have been doodling a lot in transit lately.  Passing the time in a meditative focus on doodling.  Of course it’s hard to keep a steady hand when the movement of traveling interferes.  Instead I have […]

Embracing Your Path

        I have been enjoying my time off this month.  Catching up with things I have been meaning to do or organize. Spending more time playing and doing art, journaling and meditation.  Even hosting an online workshop.   This time of year tends to be a time of reflection and finding intention.  […]

Breathe in Creativity

Breathe in creative juicy thoughts . . . breathe out inner critic clutter. This has become my new mantra of late.  I have to remind myself to take the time to  breathe you know? To set aside time to paint and create and follow my dreams with the curiosity of a child, despite the rush rush rhythm […]