Getting Past Creative Road Blocks

  These past weeks my family and I have been doing a lot of cycling together. While not unusual for me to cycle a lot – I began cycling again as an adult in my late twenties I tend to stick to my comfort zone in the way that I ride. For example, my kids […]

Affirmations for Self

      The other day I was talking with a social worker friend and colleague about affirmations and how useful they can be. It may sound kind of hokey or cliche but they actually can work. It’s not just about focusing on the positive but rather it’s about replacing scripts that don’t serve you. […]

I create therefore I am: The Importance of Creativity

      Creativity is at the core of our humanity. It allows us to express our inner most feelings no mater how scary, seemingly destructive or negative, in safe and satisfying ways. It allows us to celebrate our being both in beauty and so-called “mess”.   When we create, we connect with our inner […]

Circle of Art

  Today and every Friday, I invite you to join me in creating a response to the quotes I post, using the arts: visual arts, photography, music or song, dance (video please!) prose or poetry, it’s your choice. I will be sharing a quote here weekly and inviting a response from others to the quote […]

You are allowed to be you

Today I’m delighted to be the host for Day Six of the Virtual Blog Tour for Healing the Inner Child organized by Jackie Stewart at This tour is to celebrate the launch of the Inner Child Meditation Kit  which Jackie has created so you can let go of childhood wounds to experience more joy, empowerment […]

With Childlike Abandon

    This past weekend I traveled out of province to Quebec to give a talk on Art Therapy to some of the students and faculty at Bishops University. I have to admit I was rather nervous speaking in front of the 50 or so people who came. Despite having practiced art therapy for the […]

Listening to your Muse

  The other day I was thinking about the power of letter writing and how it is becoming somewhat of a lost art due to the convenience of e-mail. I was reading over a wonderful book by Jo MacDonald called Note to Self, The Secret to becoming your own Best Friend (I contributed a letter to this […]

Week-end Reflection

Join Week-End Reflection every Friday, where I invite you to express and reflect about your week using poetry, prose, imagery or art in response to “This week I discovered . . .” I encourage you to come back and visit the other posts linked here to help amplify the gratitude. Taking the time to reflect […]

Find Your Inner Guru

    I admit that I have spent endless hours in the past searching. Over the years I have fallen prey to the searching bug; looking outside of myself, and looking for more instead of seeing and embracing what is in front of me. Many nights I have been kept awake with feeling anxious, thinking […]

The Myth of Balance

One of the things that gets me in trouble with my creative Self is the concept of balance. Having a well-balanced life is sometimes misconstrued as all things even. But like I tell my kids, being fair doesn’t mean that everyone gets the same thing, being fair means everyone gets what they need at that […]