The Dream I Don’t Need Anymore

  A guest post by Ellie Di, for the Dream Dialogues Series.   The dreamscape is such a fascinating mystery, isn’t it? We’ve studied the brain, using millions of dollars and hours of research, and we still have no clue how dreams work.  A common perception is that we’re being sent messages from the universe; another is that […]

Cast a Little Dream Magic

A guest post by Stella Seaspirit for the Dream Dialogues Series. Ever had a dreaming drought? Enchant a Dreamtime Box to remember your dreams better or use it to dream about something specifically for guidance. You can use it every night or occasionally when the need arises.   Dreamtime Box Begin by selecting a pretty box […]

Dreams ~ a Portal to Spirit

  A guest post by Gina Rafkind of Veda Sun for the Dream Dialogues Series In the past few years I’ve been paying much more attention to my dreams. Why? Because I now view them as a conversation with Spirit. And my dreams come to me, many times, in the form of metaphors.   I’ve […]


My art is not me but a part of me I am not my art but a reflection of it Sometimes I get stuck Unwilling to reveal to myself what I might uncover in my art So I avoid Stay away distract myself Or become over critical of my perceived failures I expect too much […]

Finding My Muse

  I’m taking in the beauty of others and finding the beauty within Words resonate Bathing me with their wisdom Sparking recognition in what I can offer Sparking, igniting, that creative flame inside   I use to write in my journal,  my diary.  I would go into coffee shops and bury myself in books as I […]

Dreamy Giveaway!

  I’m very excited that the Dream Dialogues eCourse will be beginning in less than two weeks!  I am so looking forward to guiding the Dream Dialogues tribe through this eCourse and sharing this wonderful inner journey  with kindred spirits. And as I believe that there is merit to the phrase “the more the merrier” […]

Dreams Awake

When I was a child I use to have a reoccurring dream that I was flying. Sometimes it was blissful, soaring high in the sky. How powerful and untouchable I felt. Sometimes I would flounder, dipping low to the ground where my pursuers tried to reach me. I would fearfully flee barely escaping their grasp. […]