Journey into Self

Last weekend I guided some muses in exploring their inner wisdom through intuitive painting.  Many were uncertain that working on one painting for the duration of the workshop was possible.  The blank paper staring at them brought out a host of insecurities and of course voices of inner critics chimmed in.   Guided visualization was […]

I create therefore I am: The Importance of Creativity

      Creativity is at the core of our humanity. It allows us to express our inner most feelings no mater how scary, seemingly destructive or negative, in safe and satisfying ways. It allows us to celebrate our being both in beauty and so-called “mess”.   When we create, we connect with our inner […]

Strength in Vulnerability

    I have been reading Brene Brown’s newest book Daring Greatly and really enjoying her candid writing and wisdom. On last Friday’s LIVE Virtual Art Circle I shared a quote that particularly struck me as it pertains to our creativity.  The quote speaks to the letting go of our fears and being vulnerable so […]

The Journey Begins

    With just a few days left before the start of the next Painting With Your Muse e-course (it begins this Sunday January 27th).  I can’t help but be excited about the possibilities that lay ahead.  Yet at the same time I am mindful that although I look forward to witnessing and sharing this journey with […]

Find Your Inner Guru

    I admit that I have spent endless hours in the past searching. Over the years I have fallen prey to the searching bug; looking outside of myself, and looking for more instead of seeing and embracing what is in front of me. Many nights I have been kept awake with feeling anxious, thinking […]

Conversations with my Muse

When I am painting I am lost in a different world.  An inner world.  A world of adventure, excitement and confronting my fears. The colours splash vividly on the paper, transforming inner conversations and shaping them before my eyes.   Often the unexpected is unveiled.  At first I look away in disbelief.   That’s not mine!  I didn’t paint that, […]

Wild Wisdom

  Lately I have been noticing the different creatures who have been gracing me with their presence as I go about my day. I feel as though whenever I see an animal that I don’t normally see, that there is something more I can take away from this encounter. Some people call them animal guides […]

Free Super Powers

The other day my eldest son asked me at dinner, “if you could choose to have one super power what would it be?” At once my mind was flooded with the possibilities which were quickly erased by the impossibility of it all.  I tried to let my imagination soar.  I took my time trying to […]

Week-end Reflection

Join Week-End Reflection every Friday, where I invite you to express and reflect about your week using poetry, prose, imagery or art in response to “This week I discovered . . .”  I encourage you to come back and visit the other posts linked here to help amplify the gratitude. Taking the time to reflect on […]

Week-End Reflection

  Mirrors Mirrors everywhere in the pools of water I reflect on my day minute by minute In the shine of my friends I see my truth reflected back to me bold and confident Gratitude for what is Gratitude for what was   Taking the time to reflect on your week, acknowledging your Self and […]