Digging Deep Via Creativity

  Digging deep into the unknown crevices of your emotional life can sometimes be daunting, even uncomfortable. Its easier to pretend like it does not exist rather than to explore it through our creativity. Why is it that inner reflection so important?  The stuff we ignore can stifle us, and block us from moving forward. […]

The Inner Wilderness of Creativity

Canoe camping in the backcountry is always an adventure.  We had been away from it for a few years as our kids no longer fit with us in the canoe and it meant taking a second canoe and portaging it- with two kids who at that point were starting to say they were not interested. […]

Finding Your Voice

We all have a voice, a unique way of communicating to others who we are.  Like our fingerprint, each individual’s creative voice is unique. No two the same. Sometimes this is forgotten, traded in or pushed aside to conform with what we think people want, what we think is the norm, or with how we think we “should […]

Creative Microcosm

  The more I do this work, creating for my own self expression and guiding others to connect to Self through art making, the more I am reminded of it’s importance.  Perhaps a better word than work is PLAY.  Yes I know sometimes it does seem like work, to find the time to actually be able […]

Starting Fresh

This is my second time beginning to write this post.  My first draft I thought I had saved. I had taken a break, feeling stuck about what to say, and when I came back I could not find it- couldn’t even remember what I had called it! So I am starting fresh. Which seems fitting […]

I’m an Art Rebel

    The other week when I was dropping of some creative deeds for #creativedeed365 project, I left several around the restaurant we were eating at.  I figured the restaurant was full so why not? My eldest son laughed at me and called me an “Art Rebel” like some kind of Marvel superhero. At the time […]

Remember to Play

  Day 19 #DoodleADay Challenge: It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that in order to give something our time it has to be “important” and have greater meaning, in the eyes’ of others. The original intention of just connecting with one’s own creativity may become lost when we begin to compare what we do to what or how […]

Doodle A Day Challenge

  I know that sometimes it’s hard to find the time to fit creativity in to a busy day. I also know that part of what gets in the way for many is perfectionism feeling like there is no point in creating unless it is going to meet our expectations of turning out “just so”. […]

Dialogue with Art

    Today I thought I would share with you an entry that I made in my art journal a while back. I was flipping through and reviewing my journal and came across this dialogue I had with one of my journal paintings.   To be clear, I don’t always write about my art. Often […]

Are You Ready For a Creative Expedition?

  There is still time to register!  Join me for my Inner Art Expedition workshop along with 20 other spectacular art journaling workshops beginning April 1st.  But you have lots of time to get through all of the wonderful offerings since this year 21 Secrets has been complied in a downloadable PDF and you will […]