Create like a child

    The other week the children’s mental health agency I work at had its annual Family Fair where families from the community were invited to our centre for activities and fun with their children. I was helping out at the community mural which we do every year and once again was privy to the […]

Affirmations for Self

      The other day I was talking with a social worker friend and colleague about affirmations and how useful they can be. It may sound kind of hokey or cliche but they actually can work. It’s not just about focusing on the positive but rather it’s about replacing scripts that don’t serve you. […]

Holding Space

Last week we talked about the importance of permission for beginning the creative process.  We may want to have a regular creative practice, however, waiting for everything to be perfect and “aligned” is not realistic.  Let’s face it there will always be room for excuses not to start as long as we do not give […]

Journey into Self

Last weekend I guided some muses in exploring their inner wisdom through intuitive painting.  Many were uncertain that working on one painting for the duration of the workshop was possible.  The blank paper staring at them brought out a host of insecurities and of course voices of inner critics chimmed in.   Guided visualization was […]

Art Connection

    Such a busy and prosperous year ahead with new things to learn and old things to tweak   Sometimes my mind races ahead to all there is to do and at those times a quick doodle, leisurely drawing for the sake of drawing allows me the chance to breathe. Whenever I allow myself […]

Digging in the Sandbox of Zen

    When you were a child did you like to play? Was it your end all and be all? Play was the goal, your life, your center You felt grounded when you played You felt connected Connection with your imagination Your creativity   And then one day you were told the lie Play is […]

Finding Your Creative Mojo: Beyond Excuses

    This week on the Finding Your Creative Mojo series we look at what is behind those excuses that tend to come up just when you were planning on spending more time being creative.  You can watch the other videos in this series here: Finding Your Creative Mojo Part One: What’s Your Story? Part Two: Finding […]

Nurturing Our Creativity

“The creative function is the centre of the soul and the psyche it can never be destroyed” ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés I have been listening to Clarissa Pinkola Estés audio book The Creative fire lately and this quote struck me so deeply I wanted to share it.   It is at the centre of my philosophy: […]

The art of mind-full-ness

     My mind wants quiet. Not sure what to say So I sit with this Quiet Knowing that it is okay I sit with this not knowing Knowing this too is fine When this happens it is a good time to turn to my art making Playing and expressing whatever want to be expressed […]

Sacred Listening

        Sometimes life gets busy. Overwhelm sets in and paralyzes. Instead of getting everything “done” nothing seems to get done. The space seems so expansive too much to fill up.     Fear sets in         “You can’t do this” cry the gremlins of self-doubt. Self doubt becomes a […]