Finding Your Creative Mojo: Beyond Excuses

    This week on the Finding Your Creative Mojo series we look at what is behind those excuses that tend to come up just when you were planning on spending more time being creative.  You can watch the other videos in this series here: Finding Your Creative Mojo Part One: What’s Your Story? Part Two: Finding […]

The art of mind-full-ness

     My mind wants quiet. Not sure what to say So I sit with this Quiet Knowing that it is okay I sit with this not knowing Knowing this too is fine When this happens it is a good time to turn to my art making Playing and expressing whatever want to be expressed […]

Sacred Listening

        Sometimes life gets busy. Overwhelm sets in and paralyzes. Instead of getting everything “done” nothing seems to get done. The space seems so expansive too much to fill up.     Fear sets in         “You can’t do this” cry the gremlins of self-doubt. Self doubt becomes a […]

With Childlike Abandon

    This past weekend I traveled out of province to Quebec to give a talk on Art Therapy to some of the students and faculty at Bishops University. I have to admit I was rather nervous speaking in front of the 50 or so people who came. Despite having practiced art therapy for the […]

Creative Saboteurs

  You know those negative messages we hear from others, the ones we have internalized from childhood into adulthood? Ever notice that they can suck our creative energy right out of us?   I have heard the gamut of negative messages, which have held people back from expressing their creative selves fully:  Stories of being […]

Working Through The Fear

   If you don’t allow yourself to make mistakes then you will never really know what you are capable of.     I have made many mistakes, some I wish I could take back and some I realize were like “the Best Mistake Ever” where the mistake turns out to be a blessing in disguise. […]

Find Your Inner Guru

    I admit that I have spent endless hours in the past searching. Over the years I have fallen prey to the searching bug; looking outside of myself, and looking for more instead of seeing and embracing what is in front of me. Many nights I have been kept awake with feeling anxious, thinking […]

Conversations with my Muse

When I am painting I am lost in a different world.  An inner world.  A world of adventure, excitement and confronting my fears. The colours splash vividly on the paper, transforming inner conversations and shaping them before my eyes.   Often the unexpected is unveiled.  At first I look away in disbelief.   That’s not mine!  I didn’t paint that, […]

Are You a Closet Artist?

  Do you have tons of art supplies piling up in your closet?  Perhaps even bordering on hording? The suppies are just waiting for you to use them.  You on the other hand are waiting for that “perfect” time to start creating with your special stash.  Or maybe it’s a writing journal or a collection […]

When fear takes up too much space

  One of my biggest blocks to my creativity being unleashed has been the excuse of not enough time. I use to say to myself that I didn’t have any time to do art for myself, I was too busy. Whether it was the kids, feeling tired after work, feeling like I had so many […]