Roots of Connection

This weeks post was inspired by week three prompts from A Year With Myself I love trees.  They are so beautiful with their branches reaching up and out to their surroundings, to the sky.  Yet they are totally grounded. Literally.  Their roots stretch far and wide seeking out nourishment and providing so many benefits as […]

Making Space

    With the new year upon us it’s a good time to make a fresh start don’t you think? Well I do and there are a number of changes that I’m making with my creative space that I thought I would share with you today.  I hope that these pictures will inspire you to […]

The Gift of Creativity

  With 2012 around the corner what better time to start looking into ways to keep those creative juices flowing. Below I have compiled a list of creative projects you can participate in for free (except the sketchbook project (though you can look at their online catalogue from previous years for inspiration). With Art house’s Sketchbook […]

I Am Here

As the official first day of winter approaches and New Years lurks around the corner, I find myself gathering more and more resources together, laying out ideas and plans for self-development. It’s as of I’m nesting, the same way I did before my first son was born; creating and gathering things together to welcome his […]


My art is not me but a part of me I am not my art but a reflection of it Sometimes I get stuck Unwilling to reveal to myself what I might uncover in my art So I avoid Stay away distract myself Or become over critical of my perceived failures I expect too much […]

Putting Things to Rest.

In my part of the globe, it is the time of the year to prepare for longer stretches of time in doors with the cooler weather. My garden beds are put to rest (except for the stuff I am overwintering) and I tend to get the urge to declutter my indoor space more in preparation for […]

The Art of Discovering Yourself

Over the years I have tweaked the way I balance work and my creativity. While being an art therapist certainly brings out my creative side, it’s not enough. I have found great value both personally and professionally to explore my creative side more in-depth through my inner-child and inner-muse. It is my hope that these […]