Doodle A Day Challenge Day 7

Here is my #DoodleADay for today: Why join this doodle a day challenge? You can read my post on 10 reasons to doodle here if you need some motivation. The #DoodleADay challenge:  (for more details see my first post Doodle a Day Challenge) Everyday for the month of October, I will make a doodle and you are invited to […]

10 Reasons to Doodle

  Doodle A Day Challenge Day 6 As the #DoodleADay challenge continues you may be wondering to yourself “Why doodle?” In case you are still undecided about whether to join in with this doodling challenge, or perhaps you are needing some motivation to keep it up, here are a few reasons I have compiled off […]

Doodle A Day, 3

Here is my #DoodleADay for today:   The #DoodleADay challenge:  (for more details see my first post Doodle a Day Challenge) Everyday, beginning today, October 1st and for the month of October, I will make a doodle and you are invited to join me.  It can be as simple as black ink on white paper or white ink […]

Opening to Possibilities

    Now that you have given yourself permission to take some art time for yourself, you’ve scheduled it in and have made space for your creativity to thrive by  organizing your physical space and clearing out your mental space, quieting or at least turning down the volume of those inner critics. You are all […]

Whatever comes to mind

  To direct or be spontaneous that is the question . . . When I was training  to be an art therapist some 20 years ago I was taught to use a spontaneous approach. Simply put, it means encouraging clients to draw what ever comes to mind. It’s meant to get at what is currently […]

To Write or Not To Write

    Some people are happy to express themselves through their art and leave it at that. Which is perfectly fine. The process of creating after all is such a release of inner self, often that is all that is needed. Words cannot capture in the way that the images can. When I create and […]

Preparing To Create

  Yesterday in my Visual Journal Journey workshop I introduced participants to art journaling and getting their art journal ready for expressing themselves in.  For many of them it was their first art journal entry ever!  The blank page was daunting to say the least.  Knowing where to begin was difficult but as the two […]

I have 21 Secrets to share: Giveaway time!

I have a spot in the Spring 21 Secrets Art Journaling Course to giveaway to one lucky winner.   Here is a sneak peak into my Inner Art Expedition 21 Secrets workshop: To enter the giveaway, please share  this post via your social networks; on your Facebook timeline,  Twitter account, or pin the image to Pinterest, using […]

The urge to create

  I have been art journaling off and on for the past 20 years. Though it’s not quite as elaborate as some of the art journaling I have seen out there- I suppose it is more a visual journal. Mostly the art has just been inspired by an urge to create rather than an event […]