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I have created a Free Your Inner Child FREE e-course to help you get started on this journey of self discovery. With the Free Your Inner Child eCourse, you will receive an e-mail every second day for a total of  9 e-mails that will give you some playful ideas of how to let your inner-child out. Here’s what others have said about  the Free Your Inner Child e-course:

Dear Petrea

I want to thank you for the wonderful inner child course, it’s been so gorgeous and illuminating. I turned to it at a time when I was completely exhausted and didn’t think I had any creativity left in me. Actually I just needed to top myself up with activities to nurture me and that’s exactly what the course did. Every day I dived into the activities and as the course unfolded, I discovered the aspects of my inner child I found easier to connect with than others. Creativity and imagination are comfortable places for me – play and spontaneity less so. This e-course is a perfect blend of creativity, self-reflection and play – what a gift. Thank you!
I also did your WBS workshop somewhere during the same week and that was gorgeous. I loved using the meditation to carry me deeper into what I explored on the page. Such lovely work Petrea, very special.
Jackie Stewart of  Flower Spirit 



Response to Day 2 of Free Your Inner Child e-course by A.P.


Hi Petrea Thank-you really enjoying this course . . . It is good and coincides very well with what I am doing with my counsellor at the moment. My inner child was not listened to much as a small child and her voice shut down most of the time. And even now at the age of 48 it remains quiet most of the time – who is going to listen to it? So yes thank-you Love Karen