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Why Doodle?
There are many advantages to doodling:

  • Stress relief, It’s a great way to release tension after a long day.
  • Connection to self: sometimes doodles can be  a great opportunity to connect with our intuition and  gauge one’s present state of emotions
  • When we doodle we use our imagination,
  • Doodling is fun and can connect us with our playful side,
  • Doodling can connect us with our creative side
  • Doodling can improve our focus.
  • A way to practice acceptance of what is: It can be used as a meditative and mindful practice.
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And on the practical side, doodles:

  • Are spontaneous; no planning necessary.
  • Require minimal materials; just use a pen or pencil and whatever paper is in front of you.
  • Can be made while doing other things like during meetings, in class and so on. Which means it’s easy to fit some creative time in during your day.
  • Can help you process information in a different way, visualizing your ideas.
  • Are an easy and fairly quick way to access “unconscious” material and inner wisdom. The spontaneous nature of doodles tend to bypass censors and thus are more likely to access unconscious material since you are just doodling after all.
  • Are just plain fun!

Are you ready to join me on this month-long journey?  Though the emailed prompts are daily, rest assured that you can choose the pace you wish to go at.  We will begin on January 1, 2019, sign-up below to be included!


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