Painting with Your Muse:

A 5 week intuitive painting E-course for all levels.

(with 3 months continued access to all course videos after the course ends. PDFs & Mp3 are yours to download & keep!)

No painting experience necessary!

Next Course in September 2014



Feeling creatively blocked?

In this 5 week E-course I will guide you though different ways to connect with your inner muse to discover your artist within.  Through guided imagery, painting and expressive arts, you will awaken your muse, shift “creative stuckedness” and rediscover  your inner wisdom.


Each week you will receive emails to support you and keep you inspired.  You will have access to an online classroom with PDFs, MP3s and videos to help guide you on your adventure into intuitive process painting.


Discover and tap into your creative source deep within

Week one we will lay the grounds for creative expression preparing your external and internal environment in order for your artist within to feel more comfortable.

Week two we begin to peel back the layers to your creative side, inviting you to loosen up and let go through different creative exercises.

Week three we explore the shadows, calling out and challenging the monsters that inhibit creativity.

Week four we continue to break the patterns that block your creativity.  Following your natural internal rhythm to connect with creativity.

Week five we delve deeper. Gently exploring your inner-landscape and creativity, and further connecting you to your creative source.

Process or intuitive painting is a form of expressive painting in which the painter freely expresses themselves through their art in the moment.  Many of us are taught to reject our art expression if it doesn’t look a certain way or follow a certain technique.  Process painting breaks through the barriers blocking creativity, freeing up your self-expression.


The focus is on the process of expression, listening to your intuition to tell you what to paint next. You will begin to connect more deeply with your creative self. Loosening up and letting go of expectations through process painting will help you delve into your imagination, and spark your creativity, building confidence and connecting you with your authentic self.



Here’s what others have said about the Painting With Your Muse e-course:

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 12.15.03 PMDear Petrea,
I wanted to thank you, your e-course really helped me a lot. I have been a realistic artist for about 20 years now. I usually paint realistic painting, I work with several media and I love creating beautiful things.

I used to sell my painting and this motivated me to paint some more. Until one day one of my clients did not like what she ordered and returned it to me. Since this day my inner critic has been real tough on me I stop painting as much because of fear to critics. I always knew this was happening but not really accepted it. I would tell myself it was because of time or lack of inspiration. So I stopped painting for a while. That is why I decided to try your course to find my muse again.
During the course I realized the importance of painting for myself again. I loved it. I painted not thinking if others will like it or not. This was wonderful!

Thank you Petrea again, this was an extraordinary experience for me, not only on my way of approaching my art but also my life.

With the course I was expecting to find inspiration. Maybe the willing to paint again with no excuse. Or at least learn something new. But it was much more for me……..


I was lost, now I am finding myself again. Great experience!



This is not a “How To” painting course. By Painting With Your Muse you will unlearn the blocks to your creativity.


This course is for you if:

  • You’re tired of feeling creatively blocked

  • You want to explore your creative side & tap into your potential

  • You don’t see yourself as an artist yet have the urge to create

  • You want to find your artist within

  • The thought of painting kind of scares you and excites you at the same time

  • You want to connect with your inner muse & wisdom

  • You see yourself as an artist but would like to take your self-expression through art further

  • You feel like your creative expression has plateaued and needs some reviving

  • You are committed to giving yourself the time and space to process paint and discover a whole other side of Self!


More praise for Painting With Your Muse . . .

This is an amazingly simple yet very deep class. You know you are going to go from A to Z, but in fact it is a mystery how we get there – Petrea leads you there in an innovative and colorful manner … this course uses elements of magic to do this… learning to paint from intuition is amazing, and then you get to converse with your intuition afterward… and decypher the finished product; another engaging aspect of the course… An incredibly deep and enriching journey. Ideal for periods of transition… which is basically all the time… Highly recommend.



This course is beyond amazing…Petrea is a fantastic teacher/artist/therapist who is able to set you at ease straight away…Petrea in this course is able to guide you to find your muse and let her come out and explore… It is a wonderful personal journey through the magic of painting and the self…It is something that will change your forever and set free your inner muse. It enabled me to explore process at a deeper level and understand more about myself and my art making.

Lizzie Bellotto 


Joy’s thoughts on her intuitive painting process:

I want to tell you that my own process has been amazing and I defiantly came face to face with my own shadow self ….. I was neglecting my own muse. ……I had no idea what I was going to do next but I trusted the process. Needless to say the painting was unlike anything I have ever done… I might have actually found a new style of painting.

Petrea is an amazing teacher and I have gained so much from her course as an artist. I have learned a whole new method for painting and freeing up my creativity and especially expanded in my use of color in my own art. I definitely plan to continue with this process and have also used her techniques with my own students.

Through the process painting . . . I have developed a new style of painting and my colors have taken on a vibrancy that I never experienced before. Needless to say I have really enjoyed the class and as an artist have learned so much from Petrea and plan to take it again next year.

                          Joy Hellman



Some of the fantastic features you get with this course:

  • over 100 hours of videos to guide you with your process painting and creative process, through discussion and demonstration

  • 5 e-books with colourful photographs, expressive arts exercises, inspiration and guidance to make shift happen!

  • 2 live scheduled video conferences (to be recorded)  to check-in and talk about utilizing process painting to it’s fullest.

  • 4 meditations, to help you connect on a deeper level with your muse.

  • Museful Inspiration via e-mail

  • A supportive private forum  where you will have the opportunity to join with other painting Muses as well as receive guidance for your process  from myself.



  • You were such an exquisite guide.
  • You made me feel comfortable even though I haven’t really painted except in art class in school as a kid.
  • You were present and without any judgment.
  • You were encouraging to everyone who posted in the forum and allowed everyone to just be who they are.
  • You rock!

What I enjoyed most and what actually was most helpful is one and the same……it allowed me to tap into my intuition even more…… for me, the course totally worked. Petrea’s Painting With Your Muse e-course totally blew me away. I thought it was just another painting class.

But it was so much more than that. With Petrea’s guidance, I was able to tap deeper into my inner essence and connect in deeper with my intuition. I never did any kind of process painting (or much of any kind of painting actually), and I not only thoroughly enjoyed the process, but it helped me in my life and biz by gaining new insights because I connected with my muse; I entered the Present Moment in a new kind of way and it was really cool. I highly recommend this e-course – it was one of the best e-courses I have ever taken.

Gina Rafkind



The painting With Your Muse E-course has taught me to paint fearless, without any subject in mind, without too many rules. I’ve painted with body parts I’ve never painted before. It was nice to ‘just’ paint without thinking any further!

It’s the second time I’ve joined an e-course by Petrea and she didn’t disappoint me! She let people go bold and fearless. She inspires to create more and enjoy the process no matter which result you  get. On the other hand, with her guidance you will create stuff you love, even if you think you won’t. She lets your creativity expand!

I’ve never knew how important movement could be in art. Or how to work with inner critics. How to make FUN in the progress. It has been a long time since I painted intuitively. This e-course was one big wake-up call.

Thank you Petrea!

Lindsay Dryada



Petrea’s expertise, playfulness, and creativity really come through in this course. My favorite part was exploring and releasing the inner critic (oh yeah!) in order to let your muse flow uninhibited. I highly recommend this course!

Carrie Hensley 





In this e-course you will learn how to tap into your creative muse in a BIG way.


Are YOU ready to:

  • Tap more deeply into your creative source
  • Become more confident in expressing  yourself

  • Develop a working relationship with your inner critic

  • Strengthen you creative intuition

  • Connect with your inner wisdom

  • Learn how mindfulness can strengthen your creative confidence

  • Dance with chaos and like it!

  • Discover  new ways of connecting with self

  • Discover your inner artist.



Here’s what else others have said about my e-courses:

I just finished my week three exercises for the Dream Dialogues e-Course by Petrea Hansen Adamidis. If you are in need of inspiration or clarity, and you are willing to tap into your dreams, then I highly recommend this course. I have learned so much about myself in these last few weeks. I also started working on my music again ….. The dream dialogue exercises have also helped me deal with some major life issues in a very productive, organized and positive manner. The Dream Dialogues e-Course is worth every penny.

Vas Littlecrow




I absolutely LOVED this class! On more of a tangent I would love to take one of your in-person classes. I think that would be amazing! . . .

Thank you again for such an amazing and enlightening class. I have truly learned so much and am continuing to do so. And I am even more excited that this has brought me back to writing and creating art, which I have always loved, but for some reason not done in a long time.

I really enjoyed the videos as they were jam-packed with tons of information and ideas to try out. I also love the downloads with the nightly questions. I feel like I have grown so much in my understanding and interpretation of what I dream each night. I now feel like I have this incredible, amazing and powerful tool to use. I have been feeling very lost lately and now I . . . wake up excited with so many insights to interpret through writing and drawing!

Thank-you Petrea!!!

Sarah Oswald


In Painting with Your Muse 5 week e-course you will unlearn the ways that block you from expressing yourself fully. Each week we will start with some expressive arts exercises, I will guide you through some creative warm-ups to prepare you before you begin, then move into a guided meditation to help awaken your inner muse. Through videos I will gently guide you through the intuitive painting process.


Each week will take you on a different journey. Using guided visualizations I will guide you through how you can:

  • create the space that will allow you to express yourself more fully;

  • spark and unleash your creative flow;

  • face the three-headed demon of chaos, inner critic and monkey mind;

  • tap into and strengthen your intuition;

  • connect with Self on a deeply authentic level.


Inside of you there is a playful muse waiting to come out and play,
inspiring you to live a more authentic,
creative life!



Yes! I want to paint with my Muse and discover my creative self on a deeper level!


Next course September 2017

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