Opening To Vision

On-Line Vision Board Workshop 

In this on-demand workshop I will guide you in how you can gather and set your intentions for the year ahead, in a creative, fun and successful way. The Vision Board process is a powerful way to connect with your inner desires and wishes so that you can you begin to manifest your dreams and wishes. Through guided meditations, a workbook guidebook, videos and encouraging e-mails, your vision board process will be fully supported*.
Join in the vision board making process and discover how to set your intentions, and move toward your aspirations through guided journaling, two special guided meditations, supportive videos which will guide you through the this unique vision board process. Manifest your dreams!

WHEN: Registration when you are ready for CHANGE!

WHERE:  From the comfort of your home.

Self-investment only $57 USD

In this workshop you will:

  • Connect with your intentions through guided meditations.
  • You will be guided through exercises and intuitive ways to prepare you for your Vision Board process.
  • Use collaging, you will create a personal Vision Board for reflection, motivation and manifesting throughout the year.

How it works:

Once you register, you will receive a link and password for the Opening to Vision Workshop page.

The workshop includes:

Downloadable PDF Workbook,             Downloadable PDF Guidebook

Downloadable Guided Meditations

Releasing the Past Year                                         Inner Journey

Supportive in-depth videos to help prepare and guide you through Opening to Vision.
You will have access to step by step vision board videos to guide you through the process with important tips on making your vision board work for you.

No art experience necessary.

Art supplies not included: Participants will receive a supply list with their e-books.

The OPENING TO VISION workshop is a lovely way to begin preparations for the coming year.

Feel free to contact me at petrea (at) arttherapist (dot) ca with any questions you have about this or other workshops.

*This is not art therapy, however the process can support your own personal development and growth.

CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY Due to the online nature of Opening To Vision and immediate access to recordings and worksheets, there are no refunds.