What is Dream Dialoguing?

We all have dreams, sometimes we remember them, and sometimes we don’t.  Once we learn how to remember our dreams we open ourselves up to their wisdom.  Dream dialoguing is a method, which uses the expressive arts (art, journaling, drama etc.) to delve deeper into our own personal meaning of our dreams.  In doing this we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and a clearer vision of the direction we need to go.  You will learn tips and techniques on how to understand the significance of your dreams.  This is not a standard “when you dream… then it means…” dream interpretation model.  I believe that everyone has their own personal symbols, which can mean different things on different days.


I’m not very artistic; will this get in the way of me being able to use these tools?

Absolutely not.  The art that is used is solely for expression and is about the process not the product.  No art experience is necessary.  Different expressive arts will be explained as well, so that you may choose which works best for you.


What if I can’t remember my dreams every night, or only remember one dream?

That’s okay. Even if you remember just one dream that is a start.  Once you use the tools and guides in this e-course on just one dream, it will open you up to remembering more dreams in nights ahead.  You only need to remember a part of your dream to use the tools.  In this e-course you will learn ways to prepare for dreaming and help you recall your dreams more easily.


What if I don’t have enough time to do this every day?

Even if you spend 5 minutes writing your dream and then 10 minutes using the dream dialoguing techniques later in the day, you will benefit.  It’s up to you how much time you invest in this process. Listen to yourself and do what makes sense.  Exploring your dreams in-depth this way, just once a week can be powerful.  The more you use these methods for self exploration the deeper you will go, but keep in mind everyone needs to go at their own pace.


What if I can’t make it to the live meeting online? (Please note there are no online meetings for the Self-Study edition of the Dream Dialogues e-course)

All meetings will be recorded and you will receive a link to  the recording the next day.  Dream dialoguers who have questions that they want to ask can send in their questions ahead of time and I will address them on the call (you can remain anonymous if you wish).


Do you have an Affiliate program?

Yes we do! Please visit our Become an Affiliate page for more information about the program. Or you can register HERE.


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