Harness the Power of Your Dreams!

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21 days of inner exploration through dreams & expressive arts




Where? Online from the comfort of your home

Why? Unleash the creative wisdom of your dreams and begin to make the shifts needed to move forward in your life.


Nighttime is a time to rest.   Rest our bodies, rest our minds rest our souls. Rest.


It is a time of rejuvenation of body, mind and soul.  When our energy, thoughts and creativity dance together in a vibrant show of obscure brilliance called dreams.


The days weeks months years weave together their messages of importance, the ones we have ignored, or missed or misunderstood. They put on a show for us, the captured audience of dreamers. Our own unique and tailored story plays out before our minds eye. They show us what we need to know. What we have forgotten, what we want.




That is the gift of the dream.


We watch them, remember them, forget them and the messages get lost amongst the chatter of our minds.  But they are relentless. They come back to us. A foggy shadow in the crevices of our minds. Slowly they peek through the clouds of our life.  The clouds of self-doubt, worry and fear created by self and reinforced by other.


If we pay them no mind they retreat. But dreams are persistent nonetheless.  They become stronger and more prominent in our memory as we open our eyes and our hearts to their existence.


This is the work of our Inner wisdom. It will knock and knock and ring that bell until we answer it. We notice fleeting images, synchronicities that are symbolic messages. We become tuned in to their meaning the more we allow ourselves to notice. Then the messages come forth.  The more we look, the more we understand.


The layers of meaning behind dream symbolism can be hard to decipher when we are used to communicating with words only. But the truth is many of us are visual learners. That is the beauty of the dream. Unfortunately, many of us have lost the language of imagery and have forgotten how to approach it.


Our censors can get in the way of us remembering not to mention deciphering our dreams.  So we must be relentless in our listening as well.


With practice and tools you can begin to unleash the creative wisdom of your dreams.  


Dream Dialogues is a unique journey into your inner realm through dreams and art. 

For 21 Days you will explore your dreams and connect with your inner wisdom using dream dialoguing processes.  

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Connect more deeply with your dream world

Take this journey and:

  • Harness inner wisdom to bring you clarity and focus on what you truly need.
  • Uncover the messages in your dreams to reveal your path and purpose in life.
  • Gain a deep felt sense of your authentic self through art expression.
  • Rediscover the connection to what truly lights you up!
  • Surrender to Self, strengthen your intuition and connect deeply with your passion.
  • Discover what stands in your way and begin to make the shifts needed to move forward.



Dream’s wisdom can be elusive but it is within reach. Using art to draw out their essence and their meaning is one of the best ways to do this because the art meets the dream in the realm of imagery.  When we approach our dreams in a strictly linear thinking way, we miss a lot.


Through making dream art, dreams can become the tools they are meant to be. Dialoguing with your dreams this way can bridge the gap and allow your wisdom safe crossing into consciousness.

Our dream symbolism is as unique and complex as we are.  To understand our dreams therefore we need to understand the aspects of self that surface in our dream.


This is not always easy.


Sometimes it is hard to let go of our thinking mind that wants answers in an easily translatable format.  But if you want to go deeper into the realm of self you need to be prepared to get messy.  The kind of messy that finds you painting or smearing pastels over paper in search of understanding.  It’s through the art making about your dreams that you by-pass those wicked censors.


And once you are past, there is a treasure of wisdom waiting.


Our dreams can reveal our inner world to us.  They contain the musings of our day mixed in with our wishes for our future and worries from the past.  If we can decipher our dreams, they hold the key to figuring out which path we should take for fulfillment of our life’s purpose. 


In this eCourse you will delve into the depths of your inner world to discover the secrets that lie within.  We will harness the power of your dreams to discover what stands in your way and begin to make the shifts needed to move forward.  Through videos and PDFs  and 2 Live Chats you will journey inward; using your dreams and art based prompts you will be guided into dreams awake.




Are you ready to listen to the wisdom that is you?  



 What others are saying about the Dream Dialogues e-course:

I absolutely LOVED this class! On more of a tangent I would love to take one of your in-person classes. I think that would be amazing! . . .

Thank you again for such an amazing and enlightening class. I have truly learned so much and am continuing to do so. And I am even more excited that this has brought me back to writing and creating art, which I have always loved, but for some reason not done in a long time.

I really enjoyed the videos as they were jam-packed with tons of information and ideas to try out. I also love the downloads with the nightly questions. I feel like I have grown so much in my understanding and interpretation of what I dream each night. I now feel like I have this incredible, amazing and powerful tool to use. I have been feeling very lost lately and now I . . . wake up excited with so many insights to interpret through writing and drawing!

– Sarah O.
Thank-you Petrea!!!

What you will get:

 Details . . .

  • How to prepare for following your dreams PDF
  • 3 Video Tutorials: How to Explore Your Dreams Through Art
  • 21 days of Dream Journaling material (3 PDFs) with art and journal prompts
  • weekly Guided Meditations to enhance your dream experience (that’s 3 original meditations!)
  • Daily e-mails full of inspiration and tips to go deeper
  • 1 full year of access to the Dream Dialogues online Dream Community Forum
  • 2 online “live” meetings with the Dream Dialogues tribe & Petrea (Registered Art Therapist)  Not included in the Self-Study Edition
  • A deeper connection to SELF!


More praise for Dream Dialogues:

I just finished my week three exercises for the Dream Dialogues e-Course by Petrea Hansen Adamidis. If you are in need of inspiration or clarity, and you are willing to tap into your dreams, then I highly recommend this course. I have learned so much about myself in these last few weeks. I also started working on my music again ….. The dream dialogue exercises have also helped me deal with some major life issues in a very productive, organized and positive manner. The Dream Dialogues e-Course is worth every penny.   –Vas Littlecrow



Still have questions?

Here are some answers!


What is Dream Dialoguing?
We all have dreams, sometimes we remember them, and sometimes we don’t.  Once we learn how to remember our dreams we open ourselves up to their wisdom.  Dream dialoguing is a method, which uses the expressive arts (art, journaling, drama etc.) to delve deeper into our own personal meaning of our dreams.  In doing this we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and a clearer vision of the direction we need to go.  You will learn tips and techniques on how to understand the significance of your dreams.  This is not a standard “when you dream… then it means…” dream interpretation model.  I believe that everyone has their own personal symbols, which can mean different things on different days.

I’m not very artistic; will this get in the way of me being able to use these tools?
Absolutely not.  The art that is used is solely for expression and is about the process not the product.  No art experience is necessary.  Different expressive arts will be explained as well, so that you may choose which works best for you.

What if I can’t remember my dreams every night, or only remember one dream?
That’s okay. Even if you remember just one dream that is a start.  Once you use the tools and guides in this e-course on just one dream, it will open you up to remembering more dreams in nights ahead.  You only need to remember a part of your dream to use the tools.  In this e-course you will learn ways to prepare for dreaming and help you recall your dreams more easily.

What if I don’t have enough time to do this every day?
Even if you spend 5 minutes writing your dream and then 10 minutes using the dream dialoguing techniques later in the day, you will benefit.  It’s up to you how much time you invest in this process. Listen to yourself and do what makes sense.  Exploring your dreams in-depth this way, just once a week can be powerful.  The more you use these methods for self exploration the deeper you will go, but keep in mind everyone needs to go at their own pace.

What if I can’t make it to the live meeting online?  (NOT included in the Self-Study Edition)
All meetings will be recorded and you will receive a link to  the recording the next day.  Dream dialoguers who have questions that they want to ask can send in their questions ahead of time and I will address them on the call (you can remain anonymous if you wish).

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