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Expressive Arts Exercise: Understanding Different parts of self: If you were to picture yourself as a superhero what would you look like? If you were to picture yourself as a superhero what would you look like? Describe yourself as a superhero Writing exercise:

  • Name of superhero
  • My special powers are
  • The way I help is
  • My kryptonite is (what gets in my way, )

Take a picture of yourself on your computer or phone with your superhero persona showing your expression – hold your body in a pose that signifies your power If you like you can make a collage of your superhero self with items representing your different strengths and weaknesses

  • Who is your nemesis?
  • What does it/he/she look like?
  • Represent it’s essence
  • What monster(s) get in your way?
  • Think of your past dreams and any obstacles that you encountered whether monsters or characters who blocked you (who held you back through fear or control)
  • What parts of your nemesis have you internalized –AKA shadow side the part of ourselves that we reject and often project onto others.  When we encounter someone we dislike who irritates us often there is an element of self that we unconsciously are recognizing which we reject in ourselves.
  • What parts are similar to the parts of yourself you dislike or reject?


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Here is the link to the artist Pixie Campbell who made the animal cards.  She does not seem to have any in stock right now but she tends to offer them a few times a year so you may wish to cantact her about them.
The River cards also don’t have a direct link (the website does not have any way of making purchase)- I was lucky to have them gifted to me by the author.  I have messaged her to inquire about a direct link for purchase.  If you are interested in them please send me an e-mail .  Please note The River cards come as part of a workbook for use with clients. I have included the promotional video below to give you a clearer picture.