Painting with Your Muse:

An intuitive process painting workshop for all levels.

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Come for a day of exploration through Intuitive Painting.

Led by Petrea Hansen-Adamidis Registered Art Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience in the field of Art Therapy. No painting experience needed! All art materials provided. Held in Downtown Toronto, VanDuzer Art Studio, 196 Beverly Street.  Please note these workshops are intended for self-discovery and are not art therapy or meant to replace therapy.  If you are interested in exploring on a deeper level through art therapy, contact



Are you feeling creatively blocked?

In this one day intuitive painting playshop you will connect with your inner muse to discover your artist within.  Through guided imagery, painting and expressive arts, you will awaken your muse, shift “creative stuckedness” and rediscover  your inner wisdom.   Bring an open mind, a sense of play, and a wilingness to let yourself go with the paint. All other materials provided.   Process or intuitive painting is a form of expressive painting in which the painter freely expresses themselves through their art in the moment.  Many of us are taught to reject our art expression if it doesn’t look a certain way or follow a certain technique.  

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Process painting breaks through the barriers to creativity, freeing up your self-expression.     The focus is on the process of expression, listening to your intuition to tell you what to paint next. You will begin to connect more deeply with your creative wise Self. Loosening up and letting go of expectations through process painting will help you delve into your imagination, spark your creativity and connect with your authentic Self.




DSC_0143This Workshop is for you if:

  • You’re tired of feeling creatively blocked.
  • You wish to connect with your inner wisdom.
  • You want to explore your creative side.
  • You don’t see yourself as an artist yet have the urge to create.
  • You want to find your artist within.
  • The thought of painting kind of scares you and excites you at the same time.
  • You see yourself as an artist but would like to take your creative self-expression further.







The  workshop will be held in Toronto, at VanDuzer Art Studio, a historic Toronto building (circa 1886) which has been renovated into a beautiful art studio!


Here is what past participants have to say about the workshop:


I attended the Painting With Your Muse Workshop and the experience is still with me. Its was a wonderful day of self exploration. Your gentle and wise words of wisdom touched me deeply. I have hung my painting in a prominent place in my home to help me focus on keeping my creative Self alive. The workshop helped me see my inner world in relation to the canvas. I experienced a deep emotional reaction while painting and it felt like I was truly connected with my inner child. I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to free themselves creatively, emotionally or otherwise. It’s certainly time worth spent. ~F



Through Petrea’s patience and guidance, I was able to tap into my creative, more emotional side. At first I was intimidated about painting for a whole day, but once Petrea warmed us up with meditation, journaling and music, I was pleasantly surprised by the process and the product that emerged from within me. ~F



Focus on your inner voice instead of your inner critic during the painting process.

Work through your creative blocks, let go of “stuck”. Through the intuitive painting process you will  learn about yourself and gain some powerful realizations.


The process of intuitive painting is also a metaphor for challenges outside the workshop – takings risks, persevering, listening to yourself. Process painting will help you make the space for self exploration.  As a facilitator, I will guide you toward self-reflection while holding a safe place so that you may trust the process and be your authentic self.


The intuitive painting process will allow you to tap into your creative, more emotional side. You will be pleasantly surprised by the process and the product that emerges from within you!


I will guide you to  explore what you are feeling in the moment during the workshop and to go with it. We will address the idea of permission to just be creative, regardless of what our inner critic is telling us.




Through reflective exercises you will be guided to find the right answers for yourself from within.  Personal criticism will be challenged through this process.



  Through intention setting and witnessing the process,  you will gain insights into many aspects of your life.  The unfolding of your creative process will allow your inner muse  to give expression to something from within, through pictures, symbols.



In this playshop you will learn how to tap into your creative muse in a BIG way.



In the Painting with Your Muse Workshop you will unlearn the ways that block you from expressing yourself fully.

We will start with some expressive arts exercises,  I will guide you through some creative warm-ups to prepare you for the day, then move into a guided meditation to help awaken your inner muse.  We then will spend the day immersed in the intuitive painting process which I will gently guide you through.  There will be a break for lunch; you may wish to brown bag your lunch as you are welcome to eat inside the studio.  After Lunch we will continue with our intuitive painting. Finally, we will end with a closing meditation at the end of the workshop.



Inside of you there is a playful, creative muse waiting to come out and play, inspiring you to live a more joyful and passionate life!  There is a space waiting for YOU!

Intuitive Painting Workshopsm


Come join your muse in a day of paint and self exploration!

TBA 10am-4pm 2019

Open to all, from beginners to experienced. 

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