Art Journaling Tool Box

When?: Saturday March 24, 1pm-4pm 3 hrs

Where?: Near Donlands and Danforth, Toronto East (Downtown)

Register soon! This is a small  group workshop, limited spots available. Sorry this workshop is now FULL

Led by Petrea Hansen-Adamidis Registered Art Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience in the field of Art Therapy. No painting experience needed! All art materials provided. Please note these workshops are intended for self-discovery and are not art therapy or meant to replace therapy.  If you are interested in exploring on a deeper level through art therapy, contact

Art journaling is for everyone! 

Come discover what visual journaling is all about. Find out how you can start and maintain your own art journal to help with release of stress, sustain a creative practice and help you experience a more authentic and mindful way of living. In this workshop, we touch on the basics to start, but go beyond giving you a variety of “tools” to express yourself visually. Those new to art journaling as well as those who already have tried art journaling will discover ways to build their creative  practice.



Workshop participants will have the opportunity to join our art journaling monthly alumni drop-in group for a nominal fee per drop-in.


What is Art Journaling?

Art journaling is a form of self-expression using paint and mixed media (collage, drawing materials etc.) in a personal visual journal.  You’ve likely heard of the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words”, which speaks to how much depth visual imagery can hold. Rather than using words only, art journaling invites you to express yourself through imagery, colour, and form, tapping into your intuition for answers or simply using the art journal as a vessel for play, and relaxation.  Art Journaling can be short and sweet, used after a long stressful day, simple drawing techniques can be adapted to help you de-stress and feel calm.  When you are feeling stuck and uncertain about how you are feeling, art journaling can help you make sense of the overwhelm that sometimes is felt when trying to connect with or understand feelings that arise in difficult situations. Art Journaling can also be a way to practice mindfulness, letting go of the need to hang on to past or future worries.  Art journaling can ground you in the present moment.  When you express yourself through the process of art making, you forge a connection with your inner wisdom and creativity, allowing for the unfolding of self-care.



In this 3 hr. workshop you will:

  • Learn ways to begin when faced with a blank page.
  • Develop easy go to prompts to get started.
  • Acquire quick ways to connect with your creativity daily, even when you have only a few minutes.
  • Learn how to make your own tools to use for art journaling.
  • Become accustomed with mixed media techniques that can be used over and over to achieve different effects.
  • Discover different ways to make backgrounds.
  • Drawing basics for expressing through symbols.
  • Different ways to incorporate words into your art journal spread.
  • Find out how to let go and play with art materials.


We will explore and experiment with:

  • Ways to create depth on your pages
  • Colour mixing
  • Doodle techniques
  • Painting techniques
  • Layering techniques
  • Blending techniques




You will make your own stash of collage papers,

Create a min art journal for quick and portable creating,

Make some tools to use for mixed media art journaling.

Make your own prompt cards to keep your creative expression flowing.




  1. Do I need to know how to draw to do art journaling?

No, art journaling is for everyone, no matter what your perceived skill level, we are all creative beings.  First and foremost, art journaling is about letting go of preconceptions of what is “art” and  how the art journal page will turn out.  Play, process and experimentation, is the overarching premise that guides these workshops.

  1. What if I make a mistake or it does not turn out?

I always say that so called “mistakes” are opportunities for new paths and discoveries.  Mistakes are an important part of growth.  I like to call “mistakes” in art making happy accidents, because they can lead us where we need to go but did not know!

  1. Will I be asked to share my art journal with others in the workshop?

No, your art journal is your own personal space to express yourself.  While others may see parts of what you make just by being in the same space, the beauty of art making is that only you really know what it is about.  As this is a workshop, and not art therapy, I do not ask participants to share what they have made visually (holding up to show) or with words.  Who you choose to share parts of your art journal with is up to you.   Because art journaling can be highly emotional at times and of a very personal nature, I recommend that before sharing parts of your art journal with anyone, you give yourself a few days sitting with what you created in order to make an informed decision.

  1. Will I need to buy expensive art supplies to keep art journaling?

Absolutely not!  Many supplies I use for art journaling can be found at the dollar store or inexpensively.  In fact, in this workshop, I will show you how you can use recyclable materials to make tools to create with.

  1. What is included in the workshop fee?

All materials except a separate art journal will be provided at the workshop.  You are welcome to bring your own art journal if you have one, just make sure that it is a mixed media journal for wet mediums like paint.  Alternatively, you can purchase a new mixed media art journal from me at the workshop for $10. You will leave with an affordable supplies list, a mini art journal that you created, some unique collage papers, some home-made tools for use in your art journal, a set of art journaling prompts individualized by you, your own unique art journaling pages and lots of inspiration and ideas to keep you going beyond the workshop!


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