Cheering Creative Self On

This week I pushed myself past my perceived limits with mountain biking in Quebec. On the first day on our trip we headed out to the trails at the foot of Mont Saint Anne and within minutes of being on the trail I tipped over, unable to unclip my shoes from the pedals while going […]

Getting Past Creative Road Blocks

  These past weeks my family and I have been doing a lot of cycling together. While not unusual for me to cycle a lot – I began cycling again as an adult in my late twenties I tend to stick to my comfort zone in the way that I ride. For example, my kids […]

Affirmations for Self

      The other day I was talking with a social worker friend and colleague about affirmations and how useful they can be. It may sound kind of hokey or cliche but they actually can work. It’s not just about focusing on the positive but rather it’s about replacing scripts that don’t serve you. […]

Holding Space

Last week we talked about the importance of permission for beginning the creative process.  We may want to have a regular creative practice, however, waiting for everything to be perfect and “aligned” is not realistic.  Let’s face it there will always be room for excuses not to start as long as we do not give […]

Wake to the Joy!

  (Originally published in Wild Sister Magazine January 2013 edition) My muse tries to wake me from my creative slumber to experience the joys of her creative endeavors. “Oh no I can’t” I say, “I am too busy. Too busy to play, to have fun, to make art. I have a long list of things […]

Embracing Your Path

        I have been enjoying my time off this month.  Catching up with things I have been meaning to do or organize. Spending more time playing and doing art, journaling and meditation.  Even hosting an online workshop.   This time of year tends to be a time of reflection and finding intention.  […]

Find Yourself

  This time of year can be so busy with all the focus on holiday celebrations.  There is a tendency to focus on everyone other than one’s self. We focus on others; giving, making others happy, hosting parties, entertaining others. We get lost, We lose our Self. Lost in the flux of over scheduling. Lost […]

Showing Up

    Recently when I put the question out there “what gets in your way of creating?” One of the responses  was “life”.  This isn’t the first time I have heard of life getting in the way.  To feel so overwhelmed by all that is going on in life that to take the time to […]

Digging in the Sandbox of Zen

    When you were a child did you like to play? Was it your end all and be all? Play was the goal, your life, your center You felt grounded when you played You felt connected Connection with your imagination Your creativity   And then one day you were told the lie Play is […]

You are allowed to be you

Today I’m delighted to be the host for Day Six of the Virtual Blog Tour for Healing the Inner Child organized by Jackie Stewart at This tour is to celebrate the launch of the Inner Child Meditation Kit  which Jackie has created so you can let go of childhood wounds to experience more joy, empowerment […]