Remember to Forget

    Inundated with ideas, I forget myself I forget to do I forget What is it I am doing? I have seen what I have done what others have done and in seeing it as separate I get confused, lost lost in all that I have not done is it so different? does it […]


My art is not me but a part of me I am not my art but a reflection of it Sometimes I get stuck Unwilling to reveal to myself what I might uncover in my art So I avoid Stay away distract myself Or become over critical of my perceived failures I expect too much […]

Finding My Muse

  I’m taking in the beauty of others and finding the beauty within Words resonate Bathing me with their wisdom Sparking recognition in what I can offer Sparking, igniting, that creative flame inside   I use to write in my journal,  my diary.  I would go into coffee shops and bury myself in books as I […]