Morning Discovery

#DoodleADay challenge Day 29   A few words about this morning’s doodle: Rock froms mountain, and there she appears resting quietly, gently reminding me of her presence She was not expected always welcome waking   If you are in need of some motivation to get started on the #DoodleADay challenge then you may want to […]

Sometimes a doodle is just a doodle! Day 11

Here’s My #DoodleADay for today: Why join this doodle a day challenge? You can read my post on 10 reasons to doodle here if you need some motivation. The #DoodleADay challenge:  (for more details see my first post Doodle a Day Challenge) Everyday for the month of October, I will make a doodle and you are invited to join me.  It […]

Getting Past Creative Road Blocks

  These past weeks my family and I have been doing a lot of cycling together. While not unusual for me to cycle a lot – I began cycling again as an adult in my late twenties I tend to stick to my comfort zone in the way that I ride. For example, my kids […]

Teacher as Student

    It was a day of letting go of expectations, sitting with the chaos of the unknown and reflecting.     Each time I run this workshop I learn something new. The wonderfully brave souls who join me don’t necessarily know it but in opening up and connecting with their creative fire they are […]

Permission to Create

    Nurturing creativity is something we can all use a little (or a lot) of once in a while.  We live in a culture that see’s art making as frivolous unless it is done in the context of making a living from it.  Something reserved for professionals or the play of young children.   […]

Preparing To Create

  Yesterday in my Visual Journal Journey workshop I introduced participants to art journaling and getting their art journal ready for expressing themselves in.  For many of them it was their first art journal entry ever!  The blank page was daunting to say the least.  Knowing where to begin was difficult but as the two […]

Journey into Self

Last weekend I guided some muses in exploring their inner wisdom through intuitive painting.  Many were uncertain that working on one painting for the duration of the workshop was possible.  The blank paper staring at them brought out a host of insecurities and of course voices of inner critics chimmed in.   Guided visualization was […]

Art Connects Us

      Have you ever looked at art made by someone else (whether it be a dance, a play, a particular photograph or painting) and found yourself wondering and pondering its meaning? Perhaps you deciphered familiar symbols or gleamed metaphors from their art that spoke to you.   Maybe you recall as a child […]

I create therefore I am: The Importance of Creativity

      Creativity is at the core of our humanity. It allows us to express our inner most feelings no mater how scary, seemingly destructive or negative, in safe and satisfying ways. It allows us to celebrate our being both in beauty and so-called “mess”.   When we create, we connect with our inner […]

Visioning your creative life

    Last weekend I guided a wonderful group of women through my Visioning Your Year Ahead workshop here in Toronto.  It was an afternoon filled with much introspection, laughter, guided meditation,  journaling and art making.  The women who attended save one, had never made a vision board before and were eager to delve into this […]