Diamond in the Rough

  This week I found myself feeling behind on my List and forgetting about the important of process.  I was late putting up my blog post for , I didn’t finish putting up some new pages, well you get the picture. I won’t bore you with details (sounds like an inner voice I need to […]


Listening to the sounds around me I get pulled away from my Self But I want to hear what others are doing. how they are doing it How great they are! I do BUT at what cost? Am I hearing, watching, taking in and appreciating? Is it that simple? A voice inside tells me otherwise […]

The Space Between the Jump

This post is in response to week one’s prompt by Patti Digh  in A Year With Myself . I look back on 2011 and see that I have accomplished so much. Starting new adventures on-line such as my new website, my revamped website right here at,  and literally putting my face out there […]

Remember to Forget

    Inundated with ideas, I forget myself I forget to do I forget What is it I am doing? I have seen what I have done what others have done and in seeing it as separate I get confused, lost lost in all that I have not done is it so different? does it […]

Putting Things to Rest.

In my part of the globe, it is the time of the year to prepare for longer stretches of time in doors with the cooler weather. My garden beds are put to rest (except for the stuff I am overwintering) and I tend to get the urge to declutter my indoor space more in preparation for […]

Confession time

I have a confession, I’m not a writer.  At least I don’t really see myself as a writer or even a blogger.  Oh I am an ideas person for sure, and I can write a darn good clinical report.   But writing and blogging for the general public (for lack of a better term)  is […]

The Art of Discovering Yourself

Over the years I have tweaked the way I balance work and my creativity. While being an art therapist certainly brings out my creative side, it’s not enough. I have found great value both personally and professionally to explore my creative side more in-depth through my inner-child and inner-muse. It is my hope that these […]