Inner Wise Self or Inner Critic?

From time to time my inner critic states her opinion on the task at hand. In the past I have given in, giving up on what I was doing as a result.  Then I became pretty good about listening to her without judgement for the most part and letting it slide.  Still these critical voices would come […]

Doodle A Day Challenge Begins Today!

Here is my #DoodleADay for today: The #DoodleADay challenge:  (for more details see my first post Doodle a Day Challenge) Everyday, beginning today, October 1st and for the month of October, I will make a doodle and you are invited to join me.  It can be as simple as black ink on white paper or white ink on […]

Create like a child

    The other week the children’s mental health agency I work at had its annual Family Fair where families from the community were invited to our centre for activities and fun with their children. I was helping out at the community mural which we do every year and once again was privy to the […]

Opening to Possibilities

    Now that you have given yourself permission to take some art time for yourself, you’ve scheduled it in and have made space for your creativity to thrive by  organizing your physical space and clearing out your mental space, quieting or at least turning down the volume of those inner critics. You are all […]

Preparing To Create

  Yesterday in my Visual Journal Journey workshop I introduced participants to art journaling and getting their art journal ready for expressing themselves in.  For many of them it was their first art journal entry ever!  The blank page was daunting to say the least.  Knowing where to begin was difficult but as the two […]

Are You Ready For a Creative Expedition?

  There is still time to register!  Join me for my Inner Art Expedition workshop along with 20 other spectacular art journaling workshops beginning April 1st.  But you have lots of time to get through all of the wonderful offerings since this year 21 Secrets has been complied in a downloadable PDF and you will […]

Creating Fearlessly

This weekend I went ice-skating outdoors with my family on Saturday and Sunday,  (yes it is still cold enough here for ice).  Let me start by saying that I am an average skater, perhaps less, I am not good with stopping and I cannot go super fast, and my ankles get sore on one side […]

Journey into Self

Last weekend I guided some muses in exploring their inner wisdom through intuitive painting.  Many were uncertain that working on one painting for the duration of the workshop was possible.  The blank paper staring at them brought out a host of insecurities and of course voices of inner critics chimmed in.   Guided visualization was […]

Art Connects Us

      Have you ever looked at art made by someone else (whether it be a dance, a play, a particular photograph or painting) and found yourself wondering and pondering its meaning? Perhaps you deciphered familiar symbols or gleamed metaphors from their art that spoke to you.   Maybe you recall as a child […]

Visioning your creative life

    Last weekend I guided a wonderful group of women through my Visioning Your Year Ahead workshop here in Toronto.  It was an afternoon filled with much introspection, laughter, guided meditation,  journaling and art making.  The women who attended save one, had never made a vision board before and were eager to delve into this […]