Open the Doors to Your Imagination

Day 24 #DoodleADay Challenge: The beauty of doodles is that they access your imagination each time giving you new stories and perspectives. When we create, whether it be doodles or other creations, we are giving birth to something new, shifting thoughts, shifting emotions, creating new life.  A simple doodle is a door to the imagination. […]

Self-Exploration via the Doodle

Day  20 #DoodleADay Challenge: Let’s talk about our doodles shall we? As I have mentioned before doodles can be fun, mindful, releasing, self-expressive, meditative, relaxing, and focusing.  Doodles can also be a passageway into self-exploration if you are willing to go that route.  After 20 days of doodling you will have enough doodles done to be able […]

Doodle A Day, 2

Here is my #DoodleADay for today:   The #DoodleADay challenge:  (for more details see my first post Doodle a Day Challenge) Everyday, beginning today, October 1st and for the month of October, I will make a doodle and you are invited to join me.  It can be as simple as black ink on white paper or white ink […]

Permission to Create

    Nurturing creativity is something we can all use a little (or a lot) of once in a while.  We live in a culture that see’s art making as frivolous unless it is done in the context of making a living from it.  Something reserved for professionals or the play of young children.   […]

To Write or Not To Write

    Some people are happy to express themselves through their art and leave it at that. Which is perfectly fine. The process of creating after all is such a release of inner self, often that is all that is needed. Words cannot capture in the way that the images can. When I create and […]

Dialogue with Art

    Today I thought I would share with you an entry that I made in my art journal a while back. I was flipping through and reviewing my journal and came across this dialogue I had with one of my journal paintings.   To be clear, I don’t always write about my art. Often […]

Creating Fearlessly

This weekend I went ice-skating outdoors with my family on Saturday and Sunday,  (yes it is still cold enough here for ice).  Let me start by saying that I am an average skater, perhaps less, I am not good with stopping and I cannot go super fast, and my ankles get sore on one side […]

Art Connects Us

      Have you ever looked at art made by someone else (whether it be a dance, a play, a particular photograph or painting) and found yourself wondering and pondering its meaning? Perhaps you deciphered familiar symbols or gleamed metaphors from their art that spoke to you.   Maybe you recall as a child […]

I create therefore I am: The Importance of Creativity

      Creativity is at the core of our humanity. It allows us to express our inner most feelings no mater how scary, seemingly destructive or negative, in safe and satisfying ways. It allows us to celebrate our being both in beauty and so-called “mess”.   When we create, we connect with our inner […]

Nurturing Creativity

    As the year-end draws near it sometimes triggers a sense of panic in some of us as we rush against time to get things done for a fresh start in the new year.  There is something about time limits that sets us into action, or perhaps it is panic that gets things moving […]