Baring Witness

One of the many things I love about being an Art Therapist is that we are taught to sit in silence with the client and hold the space for creative expression to unfold.  We do this by being present: present to our cleint’s needs, present to our client’s expression, present to our inner response and […]

When Dreams Elude You

The final post in the Dream Dialogues Series! I would like to thank my guest bloggers for joining me here this week in the Dream Dialogues Series.  Thank-you Gina, Stella, Ellie, and Loes!  If  you haven’t had a chance to read the wonderful variety of wisdom and ideas shared this week you can still check […]

A Sacred Space for Your Dreams

A guest post by Loes van Mierlo of Sacred Discovery for the Dream Dialogues Series.   In my bedroom, next to my bed, stands my dream altar. It’s a sacred place that gives form to the mystical energy of my dreams and that adds to their power. My dreams and the messages they bring me […]

The Dream I Don’t Need Anymore

  A guest post by Ellie Di, for the Dream Dialogues Series.   The dreamscape is such a fascinating mystery, isn’t it? We’ve studied the brain, using millions of dollars and hours of research, and we still have no clue how dreams work.  A common perception is that we’re being sent messages from the universe; another is that […]

Cast a Little Dream Magic

A guest post by Stella Seaspirit for the Dream Dialogues Series. Ever had a dreaming drought? Enchant a Dreamtime Box to remember your dreams better or use it to dream about something specifically for guidance. You can use it every night or occasionally when the need arises.   Dreamtime Box Begin by selecting a pretty box […]

Dreams ~ a Portal to Spirit

  A guest post by Gina Rafkind of Veda Sun for the Dream Dialogues Series In the past few years I’ve been paying much more attention to my dreams. Why? Because I now view them as a conversation with Spirit. And my dreams come to me, many times, in the form of metaphors.   I’ve […]

Dreamy Giveaway!

  I’m very excited that the Dream Dialogues eCourse will be beginning in less than two weeks!  I am so looking forward to guiding the Dream Dialogues tribe through this eCourse and sharing this wonderful inner journey  with kindred spirits. And as I believe that there is merit to the phrase “the more the merrier” […]

Dreams Awake

When I was a child I use to have a reoccurring dream that I was flying. Sometimes it was blissful, soaring high in the sky. How powerful and untouchable I felt. Sometimes I would flounder, dipping low to the ground where my pursuers tried to reach me. I would fearfully flee barely escaping their grasp. […]

The Art of Discovering Yourself

Over the years I have tweaked the way I balance work and my creativity. While being an art therapist certainly brings out my creative side, it’s not enough. I have found great value both personally and professionally to explore my creative side more in-depth through my inner-child and inner-muse. It is my hope that these […]