Opening to Dreams

      When we dream we explore our inner workings through imaginal story depicted in our minds eye.  Stories called forth by our sub-conscious to guide us on our journey  Images sometimes elusive in their meaning, to gently  protect us.  Dreams visually encrypted with messages we can decipher when we are ready to.  The […]

Working Through The Fear

   If you don’t allow yourself to make mistakes then you will never really know what you are capable of.     I have made many mistakes, some I wish I could take back and some I realize were like “the Best Mistake Ever” where the mistake turns out to be a blessing in disguise. […]

Interview today on Soul Speak

Today I am over at Soul Speak where the lovely Jodi Chapman has interviewed me about Dream Dialogues.  Please join me there, leave a comment and share to be entered into a giveaway!

Wake Up and Dream!

Special note: this post was originally published as “Dreams Awake” on Karina’s Inner Space     Nighttime is a time to rest.   Rest our bodies rest our minds rest our souls. Rest.   It is a time of rejuvenation of body, mind and soul.  When our energy, thoughts and creativity dance together in a vibrant show of obscure brilliance […]

Come Dream With Me!

I wrote the names on torn reclaimed paper, placed them into my singing bowl then did a little singing with my  singing bowl (have a listen, I recorded it for you!) I then chose two  three winners cause I felt like it! Thank-you to everyone who took part!  There’s still time to join the Dream Dialogues eCourse […]

Teachers vs. Guides & Dream Dialogues Giveaway!

I have been focusing in more on my dreams lately. It seems there is a common thread of different teachers showing up in my dreams to tell me something that I need to know. The something I need to know is not always apparent right away. It takes some pondering and deciphering on my part […]

Nature’s stirrings

Spring is around the corner and with its arrival comes so many opportunities for new beginnings. Just yesterday I spotted crocuses starting to peek their green leaves through the earth. I love watching all those tiny buds begin to pop up on trees. Spring is such a magical time of renewal and beauty. It’s a […]

Baring Witness

One of the many things I love about being an Art Therapist is that we are taught to sit in silence with the client and hold the space for creative expression to unfold.  We do this by being present: present to our cleint’s needs, present to our client’s expression, present to our inner response and […]

When Dreams Elude You

The final post in the Dream Dialogues Series! I would like to thank my guest bloggers for joining me here this week in the Dream Dialogues Series.  Thank-you Gina, Stella, Ellie, and Loes!  If  you haven’t had a chance to read the wonderful variety of wisdom and ideas shared this week you can still check […]

Cast a Little Dream Magic

A guest post by Stella Seaspirit for the Dream Dialogues Series. Ever had a dreaming drought? Enchant a Dreamtime Box to remember your dreams better or use it to dream about something specifically for guidance. You can use it every night or occasionally when the need arises.   Dreamtime Box Begin by selecting a pretty box […]