Embracing What is

  As the New Year approaches I am reminded of what has been and what may be ahead. It is easy to get caught up in wanting to jump into the New Year and leave everything else behind, particularly if you have had a difficult year, or your year seemed to have fallen short of […]

Continuing Creative Practice

#DoodleADay Challenge Day 31   Today the challenge ends but the practice continues.  I have been having a great time doodling daily and intend to keep it up. I feel like this daily practice has been a nice boost to my creative connection with self and my imagination.     If you are in need […]

Daily Doodle

#DoodleADay Challenge Day 30! Thirty days of doodling daily has been fun- but there is at least one more day. At least because this is something I plan on doing more regularly rather than just at meetings or conferences. If you are in need of some motivation to get started on the #DoodleADay challenge then […]

Morning Discovery

#DoodleADay challenge Day 29   A few words about this morning’s doodle: Rock froms mountain, and there she appears resting quietly, gently reminding me of her presence She was not expected always welcome waking   If you are in need of some motivation to get started on the #DoodleADay challenge then you may want to […]

Creative Ideas

  #DoodleADay Challenge Day 28 I never know what I am going to see appear before me on the blank page when I begin.  Though I generally work this way when I do my painting, doodles seem to free me up even more to express myself.  Surprisingly (or not depending on how you look at […]

Breaking Out of Old Patterns

 #DoodleADay Challenge Day 27     After doodling for 27 days repeated patterns emerge in many of my doodles. Each time I doodle I have opportunity to observe them. Not just in my symbology of images, shapes and visual metaphors used, but also in the way that I approach the doodle.    I notice where I lean toward […]

Leaving Judgement Behind

    #DoodleADay Challenge Day 26   I have to admit that not judging my own art work is a work in progress.  Today’s doodle (and here comes the judgment) I’m not particularly fond of.  I thought I would try something that someone in the Facebook Virtual Art Circle group did: doodling with one continuous […]

Follow Your Own Lead

  Here is my #DoodleADay Challenge Doodle for Day 24:   Funny enough shortly before making this doodle I was watching a video for 21 Secrets Fall by Canadian artist Veronica Funk on “Finding Your Wild Spirit” about art journaling your animal totem.  I watched with delight as Veronica showed us her process and the unique way […]

Open the Doors to Your Imagination

Day 24 #DoodleADay Challenge: The beauty of doodles is that they access your imagination each time giving you new stories and perspectives. When we create, whether it be doodles or other creations, we are giving birth to something new, shifting thoughts, shifting emotions, creating new life.  A simple doodle is a door to the imagination. […]

Peace of Mind via Doodling

Day #23 DoodleADay Challenge:   After a long day at work (I do clinical work during the day and on Wednesday evenings I teach), its nice to unwind mindlessly with doodling rather than T.V. watching.  The relaxing nature of the repeated lines in doodling, decorative patterns and scribbles make for a peaceful evening.  In the […]