When I create the world is paused Visions bombard me shower me excite me   They come because I want them welcome them I don’t expect them   I allow them space, savouring their grace   I love to create Live to create Create to live   When creating I am alive   Creating With […]

Making Space

    With the new year upon us it’s a good time to make a fresh start don’t you think? Well I do and there are a number of changes that I’m making with my creative space that I thought I would share with you today.  I hope that these pictures will inspire you to […]

The Space Between the Jump

This post is in response to week one’s prompt by Patti Digh  in A Year With Myself . I look back on 2011 and see that I have accomplished so much. Starting new adventures on-line such as my new website, my revamped website right here at,  and literally putting my face out there […]

The Gift of Creativity

  With 2012 around the corner what better time to start looking into ways to keep those creative juices flowing. Below I have compiled a list of creative projects you can participate in for free (except the sketchbook project (though you can look at their online catalogue from previous years for inspiration). With Art house’s Sketchbook […]

The Art of Discovering Yourself

Over the years I have tweaked the way I balance work and my creativity. While being an art therapist certainly brings out my creative side, it’s not enough. I have found great value both personally and professionally to explore my creative side more in-depth through my inner-child and inner-muse. It is my hope that these […]

Art Therapist

Welcome to the new and revised website, Art Therapist,  formerly Art Therapy in Canada.  Wow, this has been a long awaited revision that has been brewing creatively in my mind for some years now. Its been on the back burner due to some other important life events such as family life. If you’re curious stop […]